December 22, 2017

Impact of federal tax changes on small businesses: Jay Goodis, CEO, Tax Templates

Impact of federal tax changes on small businesses: Jay Goodis, CEO, Tax Templates from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

Join Jay Goodis, Co-Founder & CEO, Tax Templates for a 2 minute TechNOW interview with CATA CEO, John Reid. Mr. Goodis offers perspectives on the impact of proposed and soon to be announced federal tax changes on Canadian competitiveness in a highly mobile world, and then closes with a call to action for Canadians to express their concerns to all members of Parliament.


About Jay Goodis

Jay is the co-founder and CEO of Tax Templates Inc. He has broad expertise in Canadian taxation from nearly a decade of practice in national and mid-market accounting firms.

By combining his tax knowledge with proven process-building abilities, he specializes in developing tax planning and tax accounting solutions to support Canadian professionals. His focus is on solving challenging tax needs, supporting growth, and integrating efficiencies.

Jay has completed the in-depth tax courses, currently acts as the vice president of the York District CPA Association, and is an executive with the Canadian Tax Foundation Young Practitioners Steering Committee. Jay engages CPAs across the country in private meetings as well as forums, including CTF, AJAG, CPA associations, and other professional conferences.

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