July 19, 2017

Leverage CATA’s Platform of Resources to Engage & Influence Decision Makers on Key Issues affecting Enterprise Growth, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Leverage CATA’s Platform of Resources to Advance Advocacy today!

++ Action Item: Review the 3 Question communique below and then contact CATA CEO, John Reid at jreid@cata.ca with any issue or topic requiring action by the CATAAlliance team of experts.

CATAAlliance (www.cata.ca) has created a powerful set of resources, including outreach to a one million person executive social network(s) that can be deployed as a multi faceted issue Campaign to effect legislative and organizational change. Our issue leadership methodology has been proven in the marketplace with wins on Certificate 116, SR&ED tax credits, Cloud First for Canada, Broadband for Public Safety and Crowdfunding, among others.

Our role is to help you start a community dialogue by empowering elected officials, business leaders, and other decision makers to respond to your Campaign directly and specific issue(s) requiring resolution.

To do so, our CATA Team simply asks you 3 questions:

  1.    Whom do you want to influence in the Campaign?

A Campaign is a public message to one or more decision makers, asking them to do something about an issue. Name the person or group who should receive your Campaign. Later, you’ll be able to add their contact info so they are notified with progress reports. CATA will add its massive communications resources directed to our leadership and media databases and work to seek resolution.

  1.   What do you want them to do?

Ask your decision makers to do something, as if you were speaking to them directly. For example, “Adopt Cloud Computing First as your Department’s operating model”.

  1.   Why is this important?

Explain why people should support your Campaign, why you started it, and how it can make a difference. The CATA team of experts is here to assist in drafting the Campaign’s communique to decision makers and follow up with key executives until such time that there is resolution.

Add a photo or video

An option that has proven to be highly desirable is to see and hear executives talk about their Campaign. CATA can assist through our TechNOW video series where we presently have more than 600 executive interviews on topics of the day.

As a case and point, here is a Campaign underway on the the Next Version of Innovative Solutions Canada, adoption of SBIR best practices:  http://cata.ca/2017/next-version-innovative-solutions/

Contact us today with your Campaign issues!

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The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) is Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group, and is crowdsourcing ideas and guidance from thousands of opt in members in moderated social networks in Canada and key global markets. (No Tech Firm Left Behind)

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