February 26, 2017

eCrime Cyber Council: Interview with Co-Chair Deputy Chief Scott Tod: Join the Mission!

eCrime Cyber Council: Interview with Co-Chair Deputy Chief Scott Tod from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

For the first time in their respective histories, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) have joined forces to create a joint advisory body supporting the advancement of the national cybercrime strategy for Canada.

The eCrime Cyber Council (ECC) has been formed as a result of the recent emergence of the CATAAlliance Cybercrime Advisory Council (CAC) coinciding with the timely need of the CACP Electronic Crime Committee for a similar body of cyber experts to advise and support them on the operational aspects of the fight against cybercrime. Rather than risk a duplication of effort and overtaxing similarly sought-after leadership and talent, the CATAAlliance CAC agreed to amend its Terms of Reference (ToR) to reflect its new status of an official advisory body to the CACP eCrimes committee.

When new member recruitment efforts are complete, the ECC will be comprised of police experts, innovative private sector leaders, academic and government observers to work with government departments, ministries, and agencies at federal, provincial, and local levels to undertake supportive policies and approaches that will make Canada a world leader in addressing the threat and harm of cybercrime.

Watch this briefing featuring the ECC Co-Chairs: Deputy Chief Scott Tod of the North Bay Police Service and Kevin Wennekes, CATAAlliance’s Chief Business Officer, as they describe how and why the Council was formed and some of the early initiatives under development.

Solution or technology suppliers or public policy thought leaders
who wish to engage in advancing the Public Safety & Advanced Security mission should contact CATA CEO, John Reid at jreid@cata.ca

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