March 2, 2017

eCrime Cyber Council Priorities: Mainstreaming & Deterring with Norm Taylor, President of the Global Network for Community Safety

eCrime Cyber Council Priorities: Mainstreaming & Deterring with Norm Taylor from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

Watch the latest installment of the Cybercrime Confidential video podcast series, with this episode featuring Norm Taylor, President of the Global Network for Community Safety and member of the eCrime Cyber Council (ECC), as he is interviewed by CATAAlliance Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes, in a discussion around the key priority areas being addressed by this noted body of cybercrime prevention experts.

In particular, Mr. Taylor briefly speaks to the five key ECC priority areas and provides a deeper focus on the areas of mainstreaming and deterring cybercrime.

In mainstreaming, the need is to begin ensuring the traits and impacts of cybercrime is a more commonly understood and addressed concern among police and the public. Deterrence is explained as including at least three key components: 1) increasing the resilience amongst Canadians to victimization of cyber; 2) disruption of the current low-risk, high-return equation of cybercrime; and, 3) diligence and persistence in the investigation and prosecution of cybercriminals.

Watch this 11-minute briefing here:

videoInterview with Council Co-Chairs
For more on the ECC, view this brief video interview featuring the ECC Co- Chairs: Deputy Chief Scott Tod of the North Bay Police Service and CATAAlliance’s Kevin Wennekes, as they describe how and why the Council was formed and some of the early initiatives under development:

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The ECC is actively recruiting new members to join the main body, and individual supporters and partner organizations to assist in the planning and execution of key initiatives.

To indicate your interest in supporting the ECC by becoming either a full member or joining a task force/sub-committee dedicated to advancing one of the core activities, please review the current Terms of Reference and then complete this brief online application.

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