December 4, 2017

Stacking Up: A Snapshot of Canada’s Developer Talent: New Research Report now available

Until now, information about who developers are, where they work, what they know and how they think has been limited and challenging to monitor.

CATA members and crowdfunding supporters can now access a new 59 page report entitled “  Stacking Up: A Snapshot of Canada’s Developer Talent “.  This report, prepared by Stack Overflow in partnership with the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship offers a close look on a critically important piece of Canada’s innovation economy: developers. Please request the report PDF from CATA at


In 2015, the tech sector contributed $117 billion or 7.1 percent of Canada’s total economic output, employed 864,000 Canadians, and was by far the largest private sector investor in research and development (R&D).

The report closely examines one critical component of Canada’s tech talent: software developers. Developers have a variety of digital skills and take on many different roles, ranging from web and mobile app developers to data scientists and machine learning specialists. They vary widely in the languages they use, the companies they work for, and the industries they work in. Collectively, they form the technical backbone of technology- driven organizations throughout the country.

Since this profession is rapidly evolving, it has become difficult to gain a current and detailed understanding of it from national labour market statistics, which tend to be based on occupations that are updated infrequently rather than on specific skills and knowledge. 

For a more up- to-date and granular picture of the developer landscape in Canada, we partnered with Stack Overflow, who has provided us with rich datasets that help identify where Canadian developers work, what kinds of jobs and industries they work in, which languages they use, what they earn, and who they are. While this dataset does not provide a complete picture, it offers more immediate and detailed insights into this talent segment than are found in official data sources.

This report aims to provide policymakers, businesses, and Canadians across the country with a better understanding of this important segment of Canada’s labour market, to inform decisions about employment and training, as well as employer talent acquisition strategies and location decisions. It can also help developers understand how they fit into the broader ecosystem and how they compare to their peers.

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