February 4, 2017

7 Ways that the Canadian Government Can Better Support its Cybersecurity Sector and address CyberCrime Issues in Canada

One of CATA’s expressed missions is to undertake supportive policies and approaches that will make Canada a world leader in  addressing the threat and harm of cybercrime. Integral to the mission is to work collectively to determine the technology and educational awareness needs of those seeking to stop or reduce the harmful effects of cybercrime in Canada both private and public sector stakeholders.

Please review,  “ 7 Ways to Achieve Cybersecurity Leadership in Canada, “ and then contact CATA at info@cata.ca  if you wish, as a solution or technology supplier or public policy thought leader,  to engage in advancing the mission.

7 Ways to Achieve Cybersecurity Leadership In Canada

  1. Seek the creation of a national strategy to promote the development of innovation clusters for cyber security and take lead role in helping position Canadian Cyber Security industry as a hub for job creation, innovation and economic growth both within Canada and globally
  2. Undertake a national study to better understand and address the growing labor and skills shortage through the development of a national strategy
  3. Support the development of the recent CATA proposals for a Canadian Veterans Cyber and Security Job Placement Initiative and National Cyber Security Labor Database –connecting those with skills and experience with Canadian employment opportunities
  4. Build out national skills training programs to ensure that the Canadian labor market is prepared to meeting the job requirements both now and in the years to come
  5. Design and deliver collaborative forums where Canadian industry, academia and government can develop joint initiatives with accountability and investment
  6. Engage Canadian SME’s in active discussions and roundtables designed to increase understanding of the importance of security posture as it relates to economic prosperity, supply chain due diligence, etc.
  7. Support the creation of a national public safety Centre of Excellence which could mobilize multi-disciplinary research capacity, offer advanced skills training, act as a technology incubator and test-bed, encourage collaboration among public-private sector partners, and promote Canadian capacity globally and create new international partnerships.

These calls to action originate from three distinct public safety boards: the Public Safety Advisory Board, the Cybersecurity Advisory Council and the newly established eCrime Cyber Council that CATAAlliance has established in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

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