January 14, 2017

CANADA, prime target for cybercrime: CATA VP interviewed on CTV


CATA VP, Katherine Thompson was interviewed on CTV National (January 11th) as part of a report on how CANADA is a prime target for cybercrime and that our computer networks are dangerously unprepared for cyber attacks.

Here is link to the report as a standalone video:

Katherine also moderates an opt in CATA Special Interest Group (620 members) with the goal of serving as a meeting place for the exchange of information, ideas and advocacy for the issues facing government and private sector in the area of cyber security and public safety.


Executives interested in participating in the CATA Special Interest Group on Cybersecurity and Public Safety and who wish to obtain the link to Canada’s Cyber Security Strategy Research should contact CATA CEO, John Reid at jreid@cata.ca