January 28, 2017

Making Canada a world leader in addressing the threat and harm of cybercrime: Join the Mission!

Organizations/executives with an interest in advancing a
national cybercrime strategy for Canada should complete the Survey Form below and also send their expression of interest with contact details to CATA at info@cata.ca

Our expressed mission is to undertake supportive policies and approaches that will make Canada a world leader in addressing the threat and harm of cybercrime. Integral to the mission is to work collectively to determine the technology and educational awareness needs of those seeking to stop or reduce the harmful effects of cybercrime in Canada both private and public sector stakeholders.

Survey Form

Completing this brief Survey Form is a preliminary step in the application process. Supporting documents such as CVs or research papers can be emailed to Kevin Wennekes as outlined in the Survey Form located at this URL: http://survey.epenso.com/survey/s?s=ECCapplication

Mr. Wennekes, CATA’s Public Safety and Advanced Security Lead, is also available for one on one consultations to discuss how to best engage in the mission.

About CATA

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