March 13, 2017

Police chiefs, CATA partner to fight cyber crime: Join the Mission!

Police chiefs, CATA partner to fight cyber crime

Howard Solomon

Published: March 13th, 2017

By one rough count there were 61 publicly reported data breaches or exposed personal records in Canada last year, led by the 45 million-record hack of car and technology forum siteVerticalScope Inc. That doesn’t include unreported breaches

Among the groups trying to figure out a proper response to never-ending rise of such attacks is the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP), whose departments get called for help from victim organizations and citizens.

Now the chiefs have formed partnership with the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA), creating an eCrime Cyber Council to advise the chiefs’ cyber crime committee on technology and government policies to fight cyber crime.

The goal, according to both parties, is to create approaches “that will make Canada a world leader in addressing the threat and harm of cyber crime.”

“It’s a struggle that all chiefs of police across Canada – if not other in parts of the world — are dealing with: The severe high volume of digital crime, and what’s the best approach for governments in how to prevent it and address victim support,” Deputy Chief Scott Tod of the North Bay, Ont., Police Service, a co-chair of the council, said in an interview.

Deputy Chief Scott Tod

“We can advise and support CACP with advice and possibly some expertise that would in developing a national, provincial and regional responses to cyber crime.” Cyber crime prevention and deterrence are among the priorities already identified. Using gamification through a mobile app for public awareness is another. Running a series of regional cybercrime workshops for local police to begin understanding: public cybercrime awareness is a third.

The joint council may also look into better ways police can get computer data for forensics from victims other than seizing their devices, Tod said.

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