September 12, 2017

Conference and Advocacy on Empowering Hi-Tech SMEs to Strengthen Knowledge Based Economy: Call for Community Guidance!

Government of Canada (GOC) believes that we need to strengthen our innovation capacity for which it plans to spend considerable support money (please refer to Budget 2017). Innovation by itself is not the panacea, it is just the first step. The capacity to innovate must be supplemented with capacity to commercialize the innovation. Although GOC has devised programs such as BCIP to assist in pre-commercialization, we believe that the innovation and commercialization investment will be best utilized if we first take steps to strengthen our Hi-Tech SMEs which are supposed to do innovation and commercialization and they are currently quite weak. Business opportunities – especially with Government of Canada – are few and far between.

In order to promote the message to strengthen hi-tech SMEs, IITAC ( , CATA ( and Carleton University (, have planned a Conference titled “Empowering Hi-Tech SMEs to strengthen our Knowledge-Based Economy (KBE)” on May 22 and 23, 2018 (Tuesday & Wednesday). Since the idea of the Conference is to cause some fundamental changes, it is considered to be expedient to have two Workshops to discuss all the issues which are planned to be discussed in the Conference in May 2018.

Planned Workshops

In order to better prepare for the Conference in May 2018, the following two Workshops are planned to be held before the actual Conference:

Workshop #1: will be held on October 25, 2017 (Wednesday) and will discuss the following two topics:

  1. Improving Relationship between Government Departments and Hi-Tech SMEs
  2. Improvements in Procurement System of Canada

Workshop #2: will be held on November 29, 2017 (Wednesday) and will discuss the following topics:

  1. Government Assistance Programs and their Optimization
  2. Government Assistance Programs for International Market access and sales

The attached document deals with both the Workshops which we plan to hold at the Carleton University on the above mentioned dates.

Preparatory Workshop #1 and #2

The two workshops will be followed by the full two day Conference on the dates stated above in a larger venue in which a large number of Hi-tech SMEs as well as politicians and bureaucrats will participate. We will invite senior concerned ministers to participate in the Conference and the Prime Minister for the Banquet.

Objective of Workshops

Since the Conference we plan to hold on the above-mentioned dates is of strategic importance for Canada to empower hi-tech SMEs, we wish to achieve clearly identifiable outcomes. We wish to ensure that the Hi-Tech SMEs, politicians and bureaucrats come to some agreements on what actions will be taken to strengthen hi-tech SMEs. Therefore, we decided that we should discuss all the topics in advance and come to some agreements to be announced in the main Conference, hence the need for these two workshops.

Through this request, we are soliciting high quality speakers and panelists who are in agreement with the basic philosophy annunciated in the attached document to empower Hi-Tech SMEs for creating a strong KBE.

Conference Planning Document

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