May 15, 2017

Can a change to Canada’s SR&ED Program Encourage Clinical Trials for Rare Diseases?

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Ottawa, ON..
.CATAAlliance, Canada’s one voice for innovation lobby group, has announced a new advocacy campaign for changes to SR&ED to help reverse a marked lack of clinical trials in Canada for rare (orphan) diseases.

CATA CEO John Reid said, “ Compared to Americans, Canadians have relatively little access to medical innovations for serious conditions, such as rare cancers” adding, “ This is a small, but critically important gap, that could be fixed through a carefully crafted SR&ED change “

A comprehensive review of the SR&ED program now being conducted under the leadership of Russ Roberts, Sr. VP, CATAAlliance, is calling for:

–       Enhanced SR&ED rate for clinical trials conducted in Canada, narrowly targeted to trials for rare (orphan) diseases

–       Super-enhanced SR&ED rate where the trial includes an open-access arm (i.e. access those who don’t qualify for the experimental arm)

–       Making manufactured materials required for trials clearly SR&ED-able

–       To cover the cost of animal studies including the CRO (contract research organization – i.e. lab)

–       To cover up to 50% of the cost of each human subject in the clinical trial for orphan drugs

–       Making the credit refundable, even for non-CCPCs

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Reid concluded, “ We think the cost of this program, packaged with minor non-SRED regulatory changes would be minimal;  it would bring innovation to Canada in terms of enhancing medical R&D centres; and most important help Canadians with rare diseases.”

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