March 20, 2017

Three CATA Partnered Events – Three Video Podcasts with Noted Leaders in areas of Global Talent, Urban Security and Resilience

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) is pleased to be partnering in the delivery of three innovative projects, and invite you to watch these video podcasts featuring executives from our partnering organizations describing them and the reasons why you should attend.

Note that each program is free or offering a special discount to CATAAlliance members!


2017 Virtual Career Expo

Taking place March 23-25 at almost any computer in the world with a user that wants to participate, the 2nd Annual In-TAC Virtual Career Expo will allow employers across Canada to reach out to a global talent pool of skilled recruits.  

Watch this interactive video interview with In-TAC’s Ying Xie, Senior Manager, and Charles Saade, IT Specialist, as they offer viewers a real-world tour of the virtual career expo interface and explain how the process benefits both employers and job-seekers.

CATA members seeking new talent can obtain a free booth (a $500 value) but must act immediately! Visit for details.

Watch the interview here:

National Videoconference Consultation seeking Validation of Public Safety Apps Operational Standards Framework

Taking place March 27th beginning at 1:00 p.m. EST, CATAAlliance is pleased to offer this ambitious first-time attempt at hosting a national, interactive video-conference consultation for up to 30 participants.

Watch this 5-minute video podcast with Steve Palmer, Executive Director of the Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety, University of Regina, as he provides a brief background information on the project and describes what participants can expect to realize through their involvement.

There is no cost to attend however the event is limited to only 30 participants.

Note: for those who want to participate by teleconference instead of video, this can be arranged. Priority consideration will be offered to those who wish to participate by video.

Contact CATAAlliance Chief Business Officer Kevin Wennekes to register and for details. for details.

Watch this interview here:

2017 Urban Security and Resilience Conference, Workshop, and Exhibition

Taking place in Toronto from May 16-19, the International Urban Security and Resilience Conference, Workshop and Exhibition features prominent speakers from across North America and Europe, sharing the latest research, intelligence and best practices, all in an effort to find solutions to the increasingly complex security challenges of the 21st century. The event is expected to attract 1,200 representatives of the security, intelligence and law enforcement communities, public and private security practitioners, senior government officials, community and corporate leaders, non-governmental agencies, and academia.

Watch this 10-minute briefing featuring Commissioner (Ret’d) Giuliano Zaccardelli as he discusses the global importance of urban security and resilience. Commissioner Zaccardelli also provides insights into how his career experiences and the current global security environment have made addressing these issues a compelling and personal priority culminating in the launch of the 2017 International Urban Security and Resilience Conference, Workshop and Exhibition.

CATAAlliance members enjoy a special $100 discount. Contact Cathi Malette at to obtain the discount code.

Watch the video at:

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