October 13, 2017

CATA Technology Innovation Award at the CAMSC Annual Business Achievement Awards Gala: Ongweoweh Corp.

CATA Innovation Leadership Council member and Innovation Advocate, Dan Wasserman (rt), joined by CAMSC President, Cassandra Dorrington (lf) presents the CATA Innovation Award to Justin M. Bennett, president of Ongweoweh Corp.

Award Background:

The CATA Technology Innovation Award sponsored by CATAAlliance. An Aboriginal or minority owned business for the most innovative new technology-based product or service with recognized performance in operations, design and market success establishing Canada’s international reputation for innovation and excellence.

Ongweoweh Corp.

An industry leader in pallet sourcing, implementation and management, this company offers a complete suite of packing solutions to its clients across North America. A keen user of technology, this year the company added GSI mapping to its advanced reporting technology, giving them the ability to track business movements and customer behaviours.

Founded in 1978, they have more than doubled in size over the past five years and now gross over $196 million in revenues. By embracing technology, they continue to develop smart ways to manage the supply chain.

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