July 3, 2017

Competitive Innovation Nation Advocacy Crowdfunding Platform (draft, in pre-launch stage)

++ Action Requested: Please review the draft CATA Competitive Innovation Nation Advocacy Crowdfunding Campaign below and then send your feedback and guidance to CATA CEO, John Reid, at jreid@cata.ca

Draft Letter to Supporters:

Dear community member

We’re launching a crowdfunding campaign to get community support behind CATA’s Competitive Innovation Nation platform (https://tinyurl.com/k2btfd5) and, as a community leader, we want you involved.

Have a look at the draft (pre-launch) campaign: https://chuffed.org/project/cata-advocacy . 

CATA has a number of initiatives (e.g., SR&ED Reform, Innovative Solutions Canada changes, Shared Services Canada modernization, Advanced Security leadership, Broadband for Public Safety. Leadership role models) that will be funded in this manner.  For the Competitive Innovation Nation platform, the initial crowdfunding goal is to raise $18K+ funds in thirty days to help produce content to advance the Core Policy Planks outlined in the campaign.

For our launch on July 10th, we need organizations and/or individuals to go on the site, select and process a contribution amount, and ideally, at the same time reach out to their colleagues encouraging them to participate.

Please join us, continue the work we have already accomplished (https://vimeo.com/catatechnow/advocacyupdate) and be one of our community leaders.

Once we achieve our initial target we will conduct a webinar with those that donate $2K or more. The purpose of the webinar will be to outline the work to be done and to have our community leaders assist the hard working CATA team to set advocacy priorities.  

For those community leaders that donate $30K, they will be invited to join us at a CATA’s next industry/government/NGO outreach session, in Ottawa or a location TBD.

Your sincerely,

CATA Crowdfunding Community Leader