October 30, 2017

CATA Innovation Council Leader takes message to Canadian Capital Markets

Toronto, ON – Peter Schwartz, Chairman of Laurence Capital Corporation, member CATA Innovation Leadership Council  and accomplished tech investor and entrepreneur (bio) is passionate about Canadian innovation and the prospects for business success on the global stage. The caveat—essential changes need the support of all levels of government, we need a plan to sustain Canadian innovation and IP long-term; and it needs the support of the Canadian Capital Markets.

Peter will be featured at the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG Toronto) national conference, Capital Connection taking place November 14th at Beanfield Centre, Exhibition Grounds in Toronto, Ontario. Peter will be discussing Winning the Global Innovation Race—The Critical Role Canadian Capital Must Play. Peter will also be participating in the main stage plenary session on How Technology is Impacting the Mid-Market Investment Sector. The 15th annual Capital Connection is the largest conference for the Private Equity and M&A industries in Canada.

“ Capital truly is the fuel of economy so this event couldn’t be better timed. We need to ensure that Capital and entrepreneurs and small business are working in concert to build this great country. Now more than ever!” says Schwartz, who also sits as Chairman of Laurence Capital Corporation, a Waterloo based private capital firm. “ Canada’s ability to nurture world-class local innovators and entrepreneurs – rather than importing them – will require a long-term commitment from the capital markets, seasoned investors and entrepreneurs and the government working in concert. Our historically conservative investment attitude has hampered early-stage enterprises getting the start they urgently need and has seen many late-stage enterprises having to go south. We have to turn that thinking around. Anything less will reduce our global competitiveness just as Canada has the potential to become a real innovation mecca ” adds Schwartz.

“ Peter is deeply committed to ensuring Canadian innovation and global success never forgets its roots” says Katherine Thompson, CATA Cyber Chair who has worked to forge a working partnership with ACG Canada. “ He is what Canada needs right now—concise, bold and unapologetic about just how good we can and should be if we do this right.”

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About Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz is the Chairman of Laurence Capital Corporation.

At Laurence Capital Corporation (2003-present), Peter and co-investors have invested and loaned 200+mm in capital to over 30+ Canadian entrepreneurs. He has learned from and partnered with them, while serving on many corporate and philanthropic boards.

Peter was formerly (1990-2003) Chairman & CEO of The Descartes Systems Group Inc. a pioneer in B2B Commerce Logistics. He took the company public in 1997 on the NASDAQ and the TSX and was responsible for overseeing $1 billion in M&A and financing transactions.  Descartes employs over 1000 and has customers in +160 countries and offices in over 30.  Read full bio.

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