August 15, 2017

Media Release: Is Canada’s Innovation Ecosystem Ready, Summits Planned.


Date:  August 15, 2017

Media Contact:  Katherine Thompson
Mobile: 647.202.0624

Toronto, ON – The Canadian government’s commitment to invest $950 million between 2017- 2022 to support the development of business-led “Innovation Superclusters” has been met with strong support and interest from innovators, educators, industry and government both within Canada and abroad. It has also been met with some vocal concerns surrounding the readiness of Canada’s innovation ecosystem.

“There is no question that ISI is important for Canadian innovation but it does open the door to questions around the readiness and longevity of certain areas needed to support such as skilled labour, access to capital beyond government funds, academic led innovation and the need for more effective public-private partnerships” says Katherine Thompson, Chair of CATA’s Cyber Council and Principal with HFS. “The government’s commitment is a crucial first step but there are stakeholders such as capital markets, academia and industry that need to engage and support to ensure this innovation benefits Canada long-term”

“Beyond ISI, the summits offer a way to collaboratively address issues such as the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit which CATA strong believes supports the innovation ecosystem in Canada in a broader sense and offers greater chances for improving Canada’s global ranking as a competitive innovation nation” says John Reid, CATA’s President and CEO

A series of (3) national summits has been proposed for Q1 of 2018 to help better understand and address the needs of Canadian innovation both short and long-term. The sessions are designed to encourage discussion on both the opportunities and gaps with public and private sector leaders working together to create accountability and timelines to ensure Canadian innovation grows, prospers and remains Canadian.

We are actively seeking the support and engagement of those interested in contributing to the advancement and success of this very important stage in Canada’s innovation story. To learn more, please contact Katherine Thompson.

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