November 27, 2017

Canada’s Declining Ranking for Ease of Doing Business, a call to action for Canadian governments to take steps to reverse the negative trend, says CATAAlliance

Take some time to read the 2018 15th Annual World Bank, Doing Business Report (312 pages), comparing business regulation on domestic firms in 190 countries.  Also you can watch CATA CEO, John Reid on Facebook Live:

Canada now ranks 18th (a slide of 10 in rankings since 2009) as measured by objective and comparable data that governments can use to improve the regulatory environments, especially for growing small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Notably the top five performing countries (2017) are New Zealand, Singapore, Denmark,  South Korea and Hong Kong. Also ahead of Canada are major trading partners such as United States (6th) and the United Kingdom (7th). And, Canada now trails such countries as Lithuania, Estonia and Macedonia.

For CATAAlliance, whose mission is to advance Canada to the number one competitive innovation nation ranking, the poor Report Card serves as an important call to action.

We are calling on all community members to put forward ideas on how Canadian governments might better help businesses compete in the global marketplace.

Our commitment is to act on your guidance to lobby for positive change with the goal of reversing the negative trend. Act now, and please send your ideas to CATA CEO, John Reid at 

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