June 28, 2017

Exclusive Access: American Police Chief Details Groundbreaking Body Worn Camera Research Project

Watch as the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance’s Chief Business Officer,
Kevin Wennekes, interviews Chief Jonathan Parham of Linden Police Department in New Jersey on the early-stage developments of a new research study assessing the human factors in Body Worn Camera (BWC) data.

In this 20-minute briefing, Chief Parham, along with the project’s chief advisor, Valarie Findlay, Research Fellow, Police Foundation (U.S.), provide details around Project Metanoia: an innovative project seeing to establish a data framework for gathering, categorizing and analysing data from body-worn video footage.

As described during the interview, Project Metanoia moves beyond viewing BWC video as evidence documentation and treats it as a valuable source of indicators that, when properly analysed, can be mined to enhance CI training, policies and operational standards and programs, such crisis intervention, community relations or crime reduction. The underlying purpose is to yield contextual data that is relevant to law enforcement, and highly usable, measurable and comparative, so that it can be easily integrated into other data systems using a standard methodology.

The project database, as it develops will allow for evaluation and reporting of critical data from officer and subject actions, decomposed into incident types, procedural indicators, interaction outcomes, a myriad of causal and correlative factors through the analysis of human factors, and behavioural and physiological indicators (behavioural, physical, auditory, verbal, etc.).

Chief Parham also provides insights that will be of key interest to any public safety organizations seeking to adopt BWC as he offers advice and practical experience in matters related to their effectiveness, costs, impact on staffing and resources, and application in the field.

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