November 9, 2017

Best Practices for an Optimal Balance of Risk between Government and Suppliers in Procurement Contracts: Access Research

CATAAlliance ( would like to share with members and crowdfunding supporters research prepared by Public Service and Procurement Canada on best practices that could benefit all federal government employees gain a better understanding of how to improve the allocation of risks.

You can request a copy of the Best Practices Research by contacting CATA CEO, John Reid at Please confirm interests in CATAAlliance advocacy aimed at bringing your contracting issues to the attention of senior federal decision-makers and Parliamentarians.

Best Practices designed to reach an optimal balance of risk between government and suppliers in procurement contracts:

  • Best Practice 1 – Exchange Rates
  • Best Practice 2 – Early Engagement – Discussing Risks in Procurement Contracts
  • Best Practice 3 – Financial Risk Management Support Team

Of particular interest to organizations currently doing or planning to do business with the federal government.

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