December 11, 2017

A.I. directory will help business cash in on $36.8B market IT World Canada, CATAAlliance and SalesChoice launch central repository for everything AI: Briefing Note

Canadian (A.I.) Initiative: New AI Directory (briefing note)

Ottawa & Toronto, ONIT World Canada, CATAAlliance & SalesChoice Inc. have partnered to launch the Canadian Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Initiative with a New A.I. Directory designed to help advance Canada’s global A.I. leadership.

The A.I. Directory provides stakeholders with an opportunity to profile their expertise, find influencers, discover partnership opportunities, share research, and gain insights into new business models.

More than 200 organizations are already profiled and indexed in the A.I. Directory.

According to recent research the annual global revenue for artificial intelligence products and services will grow from $643.7 million in 2016 to $36.8 billion by 2025, a 57-fold increase over that time period.

“ AI is one of the fastest growing segments of any size in the IT sector, ” said IT World CEO, Fawn Annan, adding, “ New business models are evolving at the speed of light across a broad spectrum of industries. One of our roles is to help companies embrace A.I. driven disruptive technologies to continue to advance out IT community skills and expertise.”

CATA CEO, John Reid said, “ Our role in the Canadian (I.A.) Initiative is to serve as the advocacy champion.  Working with the community, we will cultivate Canada’s considerable strengths and eliminate every barrier to competitiveness to achieve Canada’s number one ranking as a Competitive Innovation Nation. A.I. disruptive technology leadership is front and centre to our mission.”

Canadian (AI) Initiative: Submit Your Profile to a new AI Directory from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

Benefits of a New A.I. Directory

  • Connect our community stakeholders (A.I. Companies, A.I. Influencers, A.I. Resources and A.I. Researchers)
  • Develop Brand Awareness, with continuous updating access
  • Profile your expertise, with relevant information to attract customers, partners or new talent
  • Leverage SEO best practises
  • Promote Community leadership to ensure all A.I. community ecosystems are registered for a unified Canadian collaborative footprint
  • Enable visibility of your services and solutions for customers to find your unique value.
  • Source companies for partnership opportunities

Dr. Cindy Gordon, SalesChoice, CEO, concluded, “ One of the critical scale up needs is to not only discover partnership potential so we can help each other as part of our Canadian ecosystem – but also advance us rapidly into the right global ecosystems. The New A.I. Directory will help all Canadian organizations know who is who across the private and public sector landscape.”

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Artificial Intelligence has had a significant impact on numerous industries and will most likely become increasingly prominent in the coming years. Google, IBM, Apple and Amazon are only a few companies that have incorporated AI into their business practices, but this technology is not reserved for the tech giants of the world and its impact will be felt on everyday life far sooner than most realize.

Today, AI is helping business, brands and enterprises of all sizes in a variety of fields to offer better products and services allowing them to compete with bigger companies and give them an edge over their competition…(Infinite Analytics)

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