February 9, 2017

Advancing Cyber Security in Canada

Toronto, ON – The CATA Cyber Council, a collaboration between public and private sector industry leaders recently announced their 2017 mandate which focuses on driving progress through focusing on three key areas of concern for Canada-the skilled labor shortage, growth and economic prosperity for Canada through the advancement of cyber security, and advocacy and public awareness.

“Given the marked increase in cyber threats to Canadian organizations and government, leaders are asking their organizations to implement strategies to ensure they are “cyber-ready”. Given the Council’s leadership position on cyber security matters and advocacy, it will continue to play a critical role in bridging the cyber gap between Canadian businesses, government and the consumers” says Imran Ahmad, Partner and Cyber Security Lead for Miller Thomson LLP and Cyber Council board member.

“We are approaching 2017 with a keen focus on progress, on moving the needle forward in the 3 key mandate areas” says Katherine Thompson, MNP Cyber Advisory and Cyber Council Chair. “We are looking at the mandate as a series of opportunities for Canadian industry, associations, academia, policing and government to work together” notes Thompson. “No single entity is responsible for cyber security in Canada and we believe that through collaboration and engagement with others we have a greater likelihood of real results that will benefit Canada in the years to come.”

The council is well underway with an announcement of pilot project offering military veterans the opportunity to put their training and skills to work in the cyber and security industries. The council encourages all interested in working on this mandate to contact Katherine Thompson to discuss.

View the CATA Cyber Council 2017 Mandate

Media Contact: Katherine Thompson
Mobile: 647.202.0624
Email: kthompson@cata.ca

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