October 12, 2017

Advancing Canada’s National Cybercrime Strategy: Accenture Champions Private Sector Collaboration and Investment

Watch as Arnold van den Hoeven, Canadian Public Safety Lead, Accenture, describes the importance of advancing Canada’s national cybercrime strategy across its five main pillars: 1) Mainstreaming; 2) Deter; 3) Collaborate; 4) Enhance; and 5) Advocate.

Drawing upon Accenture’s relationships with law enforcement agencies across the globe, Arnold describes key issues related to each pillar and the means by which the eCrime Cyber Council can advance its mandate to address them.

Arnold further explains the compelling reasons behind Accenture’s decision to become the Diamond Sponsor of the 2nd International Policing Cybercrime Summit (IPCS2017) and the value he anticipates resulting from their investment into bringing national and international law enforcement experts together alongside industry and academia stakeholders.

Watch this 11-minute briefing at: https://vimeo.com/catatechnow/arnoldvdh-accenture

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2nd International Policing Cybercrime Summit (Nov. 2017, Ottawa):
Global & National Law Enforcement Executives, Front Line Officers, & Industry & Academic Partners Identify Collaborative Solutions

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) are pleased to announce the official launch of the 2nd International Policing Cybercrime Summit (IPCS 2017) taking place this November 6-8, 2017, in Ottawa.

The IPCS 2017 features leading Canadian cybercrime authorities and invited international speakers convening to add tangible value to the fight against cybercrime by exchanging information on current cybercrime trends, offering demonstrations of forensic tools, sharing case studies, and receiving updates from experts working in the field, towards the ends of identifying opportunities for a collaborative Canadian response.

For more details on IPCS 2017, including confirmed and invited speakers, venue, registration and sponsorship details, please visit: http://cata.ca/cybercrime/

VIDEO: IPCS2017 Overview with Co-Chair Deputy Chief Scott Tod & MC Norm Taylor

Watch Deputy Chief Scott Tod, North Bay Police Service and Co-Chair of the eCrime Cyber Council, along with Norm Taylor, President, Global Network for Community Safety and Summit Master of Ceremonies, discuss the upcoming 2nd International Policing Cybercrime Summit (IPCS2017) and offer their insights into the anticipated value attendees will receive through the line up of national and global speakers, and the benefits of participating in the unique Innovation Den program.

Watch this 11-minute briefing at: https://vimeo.com/catatechnow/ipcs2017-launch

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