September 20, 2016

Toronto Police Service Seeks Industry Engagement on Service Transformation: Video Interview with Task Force Executive Now Available

The Toronto Police Service’s (TPS) Transformational Task Force (TTF) was formed in January 2016 and tasked with proposing future-looking recommendations of how to modernize the Toronto Police Service. The Interim Report entitled, The Way Forward: Modernizing Community Safety in Toronto outlines the key principles and goals of transformation as well as offering 24 specific recommendations.

TTF members are seeking feedback from Industry partners on the transformation strategy through the hosting of a one day consultation in Toronto on October 5.

Offering private meetings between individual vendors and task force members, these consultations are intended to enable Canada’s leading innovators an opportunity to provide feedback, guidance, and their own recommendations for TPS in its pursuit of modernization. The information collected through these sessions hold the potential to shape the final report due in January 2017.

Interview with Task Force Member Cheryl McNeil

Watch as CATAAlliance Chief Business Officer Kevin Wennekes interviews Cheryl McNeil, Public Safety Operations Planner, Toronto Police Service and member of the TTF, as she provides an overview of the report’s key themes, speaks to the current recommendations where technology will play a key role, and explains the intentions and format for the commercial sector consultation.

View the interview here:

Register Today to Secure One of the Limited Private Sessions

These sessions are available to any vendor seeking an opportunity to provide advice and guidance on the transformation strategy interim report and police modernization more generally. Only limited spots are available.

How to Register

  1. To register your company’s interest in participating, contact Cheryl McNeil at before Friday, September 23, 2016.
  2. In your email, please provide:
    1. Company name
    2. Company website
    3. Names of presenters
    4. A statement about the specific goal and/or recommendation that you would like to present upon
  3. Presenters will be notified of their scheduled presentation time slots by no later than Friday, September 30, 2016.

Register your Interest in a Virtual Session

For companies unable to attend the Toronto-based session, the TPS are considering working with CATAAlliance to offer virtual sessions using a video conference link. If interested, immediately contact Kevin Wennekes at to indicate your willingness to participate.

Consultation Format

Interested applicants should note:

  • The TPS are inviting submissions from commercial interests that focus upon the principles, goals, and recommendations outlined in the Interim Report found at:
  • While presenters are welcome to provide a brief overview of their company for the purposes of introduction and establishing expertise, these sessions cannot entertain sales meeting/pitch and no promises of future business are being implied through your participation.
  • Each participant will be provided with ten minutes in which to present concepts and comments to panel members from the TTF. Panel members may ask questions afterwards, but the presentation time is limited to ten minutes.
  • Sessions will take place at the Toronto Police College, 70 Birmingham Street, Toronto, Ontario.
  • All costs incurred by participants in this consultation day must be borne by themselves. No payment will be made by the Transformational Task Force, the Toronto Police Service, or the Toronto Police Services Board