September 18, 2016

Support Advancing CATA’s Competitive Innovation Nation agenda: Join the mission today!

leadership.jpgCalling for Executive Leadership Support: CATAAlliance

Dear Community members

We are reaching out for your leadership support to help advance CATA’s mission of moving Canada to 1st place or an A grade in Innovation and Competitiveness.

Outlined in the URL below is CATA’s Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign with Core Planks and a Working Agenda of Advocacy Initiatives.


We are advancing no less than 12 Advocacy Campaigns, with desired outcomes beneficial to the growth of Canadian based companies.

We are making two requests; that you become a member of our National Innovation Leadership Council as a basis for you speaking to the areas of the Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign that concern you most; and, second, that you invest in CATA through becoming a member or making a crowdfunding contribution. We are a not for profit association, accepting no government funds thus being in the position to criticize when appropriate.

Can you please confirm a time to discuss the above, and many thanks for your consideration and support for the community.



Members, CATA National Innovation Leadership Council

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