November 13, 2016

Smart Cities Innovation Advocacy Update: Another Success as we ready the SR&ED campaign


Dear community members

Canada’s Finance Minister’s Economic Update responded positively (i.e., a Smart Cities Challenge Fund)  to a CATA ‘Smart Cities’ advocacy campaign launched in August entitled, Canada’s global leadership for “Smart-Intelligent Cities”? Will Canada’s new innovation policy recognize the opportunities for knowledge job creation, investment, foreign trade & national innovation?

See full details of this campaign below, with a special Shout out to CATA Innovation Leadership Council member, Bill Hutchison for his leadership.

Our TechNOW show interview with Mr. Hutchison can be viewed at:

We continue to advance new models to foster the development of Canadian Smart Cities. Please join the mission!

On behalf of the CATA National Innovation Leadership Council

John Reid, CATA CEO

Ps Watch for details of a major R&D & SR&ED restoration campaign, ready for deployment as we finalize support materials.

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