December 14, 2016

Shared Services Canada (SSC) Strategic Overview: CATA’s Chief Digital Officer Shares Business Insights

Shared Services Canada (SSC) Strategic Overview from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

In this 7 minute podcast CATA’s Chief Digital Officer, Charles Duffett provides a strategic overview of recent changes to the approaches and methodologies of  Shared Services Canada (SSC) drawing on key documents from high level meetings.

The content of this podcast, including attached briefing material, will be of particular interest to executives now selling solutions to the federal government or who plan to do so in the near future.


To view,  please request your password access by sending an email to CATA CEO John Reid at with you contact details.

Note that Mr Duffett is also available for one on one video consultations to help you address specific issues and questions regarding Shared Services Canada.

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