October 20, 2016

Russ Roberts, CATA Sr. VP Advocacy interviewed by CATA CEO, John Reid on Tax & Finance Advocacy Updates


Russ Roberts, Sr. VP, Advocacy, CATA (video)

One of CATA’s goals is to showcase executives as thought leaders in order to propel growth, innovation and opportunity for Canada as a competitive innovation nation.

To this end, Russ Roberts, Senior VP, Advocacy, Tax & Finance, CATAAlliance was interviewed by CATA CEO, John Reid, on CATA’s advocacy program for positive change in the provision of SR&ED and Innovation incentives to the industry.

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Through sharing executive interviews, CATA fosters new ways of thinking, new perspectives, and new models to help reinvent government and industries as part of moving Canada up in innovation and competitiveness rankings from middle of the pack to first place.

About Russ Roberts

Dr. Roberts, now Sr. VP, Advocacy for CATAAlliance, has more than 30 years of experience with Canada’s SR&ED Tax Incentive Program, from the perspective of both the public and private sectors. As the Senior Science Advisor of Revenue Canada during the program’s inception, he led the development of the interpretive policies on the eligibility of R&D for the tax credits, including leading the consultations that resulted in Information Circular IC 86-4 and the associated application papers. He was a contributor to the development of the refined definition of SR&ED found in subsection 248(1) of the current legislation and the guidance subsequently developed by the CRA on its application.

He led the development of the Software Guidance for the software community. And, he participated in the joint CRA-Industry committee that developed the consensus guidance on the application of the newly refined definition of SR&ED.

Dr. Roberts  has led the development and defense of major SR&ED claims in the ICT and manufacturing sectors at Deloitte.

He served as an expert witness in the Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd. case that resulted in one of the pivotal decisions on the interpretation of the definition of SR&ED.

About CATAAlliance

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