December 6, 2016

Lazaridis School of Business & Economics provides innovative Executive Masters of Technology Management program

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Contact: Kate Tippin, Director of Marketing
Market: Technology Management Education


We prepare our students for the world that’s coming, not the world of their parents. We believe immersive learning is the key to that preparation. From day one, Lazaridis School students learn to work in teams tackling real-world problems that exist now. Our co-op business degree is Canada’s largest because we want to immerse our students in the kinds of environments they’ll experience when they graduate. All of this is about teaching Lazaridis School students to think for themselves so they’ll be able to adapt to a world of ever-growing complexity, facing problems nobody has ever solved before.

Our AACSB-accredited programs are among the most selective undergraduate business programs in the country and our students are among the most engaged. When our students aren’t winning national case competitions, they are leading student clubs and organizations, volunteering in the community, or starting their own business.


We nurture disruptive thinkers who are looking to make a difference. We offer the following degree opportunities (with numerous tailored options within each degree): Bachelor of Business Administration (with a co-op option); Bachelor of Arts in Economics (with a co-op option); Master of Business Administration (with a co-op option); Master of Arts in Business Economics (with a co-op option); Master of Science in Management (in Marketing; Operations &Decisions Sciences; or Organizational Behaviour & HR Management); Master of Finance (with co-op option); PhD (in Accounting; Financial Economics; Operations & Decisions Sciences; or Organizational Behaviour & HR Management).

In addition to our academic programs, the Lazaridis Institute empowers current and emerging
technology firms to scale rapidly into globally competitive enterprises. The Institute’s approach tackles this important challenge from several angles:

  • A unique program for C-level executives that identifies the very best Canadian tech firmswho are ready to scale and brings them together through personalized mentorship with experts who have ‘been there and done that’ when it comes to growing a company.
  • Insightful research that looks to develop new knowledge about innovation,management and disruption as it relates to tech companies.
  • Through academic programs such as the Lazaridis EMTM and others, creating a direct link between cutting edge, international research; the best, proven practices in global scaling; and curriculum to empower future Lazaridis School graduates with theknowledge they need to make a difference in emerging companies.

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