November 16, 2016

Cloudpreneur Takes to Canada’s Innovation Airwaves: Ian Rae, CEO at CloudOps, Named Innovation Council National Spokesperson

ianrae Ian Rae, CEO, CloudOps (from his mobile device on TechNOW)

Ottawa, On… CATAAlliance (, a recognized champion of Canadian innovation and entrepreneurship, today announced that Ian Rae, CEO at CloudOps will serve as national spokesperson for the CATA Innovation Leadership Council (ILC).

The ILC serves as an advisory body, providing guidance on the implementation of the CATAAlliance mandate to support the global competitiveness of its members and the advancement of Canada as a competitive Innovation Nation, in addition to offering a community peer network to assess share insights into needs, trends and achievements.

CATA CEO, John Reid said, “Given our lagging scorecard, we simply need to demonstrate more forward thinking leadership in the area of cloud computing. No business, let alone nation, can maintain a first-tier presence in global markets if handicapped by the inertia of legacy business models. Mr. Rae can help us take the lead as a national Cloud 1st for Canada advocate. ”

Josh Blair, Executive Vice-President of TELUS Health and TELUS International, as well as President of TELUS Business Solutions West, Dr. Micheál J. Kelly, Dean Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, and Peter Aceto, President & CEO, Tangerine also serve as national spokespersons for the CATA Innovation Leadership Council (ILC).

Read CATA’s Guidance to the federal government for building Canada as a global centre for innovation:

According to Mr. Rae, “Canada needs to help cloud computing achieve escape velocity. We believe a role of government is to recognize the strategic importance of an industry, that they should build a strategy that will foster a supportive ecosystem”

John Reid’s TechNOW interview with Ian Rae (on his mobile device) speaks to the importance of moving Canada to escape velocity in a global digital economy. Please view at: 

Mr. Reid noted, “We would all benefit from Canadian businesses and government being more agile. We know that “cloud” can help us by pooling resources, improving time to market, lowering IT risk, improving collaboration etc. Getting more done, faster, from anywhere and reserving the right to effect change, whenever you need to adapt. That sounds like it is worth embracing and reflects the mindset of Ian Rae as a leadership role model and national spokesperson.”

About Ian Rae

Ian is the founder of CloudOps, a cloud infrastructure engineering and operations firm that combines private cloud building with public cloud IaaS deployment and operations to offer hybrid cloud solutions, ensuring the perfect balance of on-demand and dedicated infrastructure while maintaining data compliance and keeping costs lean.

With many years of experience building regional clouds globally for telco and enterprise, CloudOps recently launched  – a regional cloud computing IaaS focused on the Canadian market.

CloudOps also supports the Montreal technology and startup community by hosting the “Centre” (formerly RPM) as a venue for tech events including DevOps Montreal, Big Data Montreal, Montreal Geek Girls, several hackathons, and many other associations.

Ian is also a partner at Year One Labs, a lean startup incubator. Prior to the emergence of cloud computing, Ian was focused on web operations consulting, and was responsible for Engineering at Coradiant and IT at Canderel Management.

Specialties: Cloud computing platforms, IaaS and PaaS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), open source cloud software (OpenStack and CloudStack), private and hybrid clouds, application and infrastructure monitoring, web performance optimization, high availability, load balancing (ADC), investor and startup consulting.

Lean + Agile + DevOps + Cloud = innovation.

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