October 5, 2016

A National First Responder Secretariat: Key Public Safety Leaders Speak On Their Support

Recently, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) announced its launch of a new advocacy campaign proposing the development of a National First Responder Secretariat (NFRS) as outlined in its 2017 Pre-Budget Consultation Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance.

Download a copy of the official submission here:

Public Safety Leaders Support the Call

Watch as CATAAlliance Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes, is joined by three key proponents of this campaign to discuss the unique opportunities and advantages the proposed Secretariat can offer. Speakers in this interview include: Eldon Amoroso, Special Advisor, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police; Al Treddenick, Law Enforcement Liaison, BlackBerry, and Steve Palmer, Executive Director, Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety, at the University of Regina.

Watch the 15-minute briefing here: https://vimeo.com/catatechnow/FRSecretariat

Launch of a National Consultation

As emphasized in the video podcast, CATAAlliance understands the conversation on the proposed Secretariat has only just begun and is seeking the involvement and comments of any interested stakeholder.

A series of live video podcasts, individual briefings, and public town halls are currently being planned and open to participation to any individual or organization seeking to contribute thought leadership, aegis, or in-kind support.

To comment, arrange for a personal briefing, or to register your interest in participating in the virtual and/or public town halls, contact Kevin Wennekes at kwennekes@cata.ca.

About CATAAlliance

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