December 5, 2016

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Farmers Edge: We Help You Grow – Turn Data into Profit from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

Contact: Bruce Ringrose, Head of Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations
Market: Agri-Tech

Eldon Klippenstein is a grower that is passionate about the business of farming. From planning his upcoming year to observing the markets, Eldon relies on data to make the best decisions for his farm. Farmers Edge has helped him increase yields and earn higher returns based on accurate data.

About Farmers Edge

In 2005, Farmers Edge began as the vision of agronomists Wade Barnes and Curtis MacKinnon. The two friends and soon-to-be business partners believed they could use technology to help growers improve crop production, while reducing waste and improving sustainability.

Together, the two set-out to explore the possibilities of Variable Rate Technology (VRT) alongside growers in Pilot Mound, MB, Canada. Over the next ten years, Wade and Curtis developed their version of VRT into a system that has helped thousands of farmers improve yields and cut wasted inputs across millions of acres.

Today, Farmers Edge has nearly 300 employees who specialize in data science, precision agronomy, GIS, hardware engineering, software development, soil science and sustainability. By remaining an independent and unbiased company, Farmers Edge supports growers around the world by providing industry-leading VRT, field-centric data management and analysis, along with reliable boots-on-the ground support.

We believe in the future of precision agriculture, and we’ve got a plan to lead the way.

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