CATA Asks Canadians To Speak Up and Voice Your views About Debt and Deficit, Financial Literacy and Inclusive Fairness

March 17, 2018

Debt and Deficit, Financial Literacy, and Inclusive Fairness In recent weeks the CATAAlliance Team has put together a set of Three Advocacy Communiques to serve as a stimulant that will encourage Canadians to discuss and debate important issues. We want to let our governments know that they need to re-examine the role they play. The issues are:  Debt and […]

Request for ‘New Lens’ Comments: Fairness Lens Adoption Advocacy

March 15, 2018

Dear Community members, Our advocacy team is completing a major Campaign and we would like you to add a quote under the section called, Community New Lens Comments (bottom of the draft release): “CATA calls for inclusive fairness to guide our governments and help Canada gain economic strength” The call for a fairness lens […]

SalesChoice: The #1 Predictive and Prescriptive Sales Analytics Cloud Company

SalesChoice: The #1 Predictive and Prescriptive Sales Analytics Cloud Company from CATAAlliance on Vimeo. URL: Contact: Cindy Gordon, CEO & Founder Email: Market: Predictive and Prescriptive Sales Analytics About SalesChoice Inc. SalesChoice a Cognitive Sciences AI-based sales analytics platform and Data Sciences company that helps accelerate B2B organizations to reduce cost of sales by […]

The ‘Uberization’ of work: Labour markets are evolving, so should the systems that support them

March 14, 2018

The ‘Uberization’ of work If, like me, you’re a reader of any sort of news media at all, then there’s a good chance you’re sick of the term “gig economy.” That’s because, all of a sudden, it’s everywhere. From stories on Uber doing battle with government, to industry studies showing Millennials prefer gig work because […]

[Interview] Paychex Speaks on RPA & IA Technologies: Datebook, Intelligent Automation Canada May 30 – 31 • Toronto, Canada

Dear Community members, re: [Interview] Paychex Speaks on RPA & IA Technologies As intelligent automation technologies continue to gain mainstream popularity in shared services operations and other organizational departments, weI wanted to share this exclusive interview with Karen Meselolla, Business Transformation Leader at Paychex. In this interview you will find insights on: The top reasons […]

CATA Outreach Advances Intelligent Automation Canada Conference (May 30th-31st, Toronto)

Companies across the world are using CATA Marketing and Promotional Resources to boost their profile to customers, investors and media. The International Quality & Productivity Center is one of them. View the details: Intelligent Automation Canada ( May 30th-31st, Toronto): About CATAAlliance Interact with your Innovation Peer Group Now The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) […]

Prime Minister Trudeau’s Bad Balance Sheets are Bad News for Canada

March 11, 2018

Also in the News: Financial Literacy Added to the Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign Prime Minister Trudeau’s Bad Balance Sheets  A balance sheet is a snapshot of what’s owned and what’s owed. The snapshot can be applied to consumers, governments and the private sector. I think most of us understand the concept. But should we care about […]

CATA News Connections: Read all About Resources for Enterprise Growth

March 10, 2018

CATAAlliance  News Connections can be read at: Please view and subscribe and then Like, Share & Comment to your social media channels. Our goal is to amplify the voices of tech executives, innovators and entrepreneurs to create a more connected, informed and influential community. Share Your Updates Have you started a new company? Were you featured in a […]

27 March 2018

Data Day 5.0

Data Day is an annual conference, held in early spring that celebrates the latest developments in data science and analytics research within Carleton University, the local community and Canada.
8 May 2018

2nd Annual International Urban Security and Resilience Conference – Workshop

This year’s conference will address the growing and global issues of security and resilience which are facing those in government, industry and public safety.
15 May 2018

33rd Annual CATAAlliance Innovation & Leadership Awards Gala Dinner

The 33rd Annual Gala celebrates the best-of-the-best award-winners across the spectrum of advanced technology areas.