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Advisory Board Members

  • Susan Baldwin - Compute Canada
  • Alex Cyr - Microsoft Canada
  • Allison Barr - Ontario MRI
  • Andy Melnyk - Innovation Saskatchewan
  • Loren Cisyk - IBM
  • Byron Southern - University of Manitoba
  • Peter MacKinnon - WiSense
  • Earl Dodd - Ideas and Machines
  • J. Wayne Gudbranson - Branham Group Inc.
  • Jacques Lyrette - Innovative Materials Technologies
  • Patrick Scateni - Ciara Technologies
  • Jacomo Corbo - University of Ottawa
  • Kevin MacNeill - Zubalu Inc, Vertice Network
  • Martin Lavoie - Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters 
  • Kevin Wennekes - CATAAlliance

Does your company have computationally intensive business processes?  If so, we value your participation in this study.

Canadian Commercial Adoption of High Performance Computing (HPC): Participation Call

This study is being performed by High Performance Computing Insights Canada in partnership with the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (, Compute Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation and the Branham Group. Additional support has been provided by provincial ministries in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and by Microsoft Canada.

The objective of this study is to evaluate the commercial values of High Performance Computing (HPC aka Supercomputing) to Canadian industry. Most HPC experts agree that Canadian adoption of supercomputing lags other nations against which our economy competes, so we will also be studying the barriers to adoption. To be competitive on a global scale, Canadian enterprises need to supercharge their business and R&D processes with supercomputing. Initiatives are being launched in the US and other nations to encourage greater HPC adoption by small and medium sized enterprises, if similar initiatives are not developed for Canada, we'll be left behind. This HPC study will create a foundation of solid data from which to design initiatives together with the study partners tailored to the needs of Canadian business.

Ron Van Holst
HPC study leader
High Performance Computing Insights Canada

How to participate in the High Performance Computing Study:

  • The online survey is now closed.
  • The survey results and analysis will be published to the research partners on March 1, 2012.
  • Please participate in the ongoing discussion by joining the CATA online cummunity of the Linkedin HPC sub-group .
  • The research results will be used to develop HPC adoption initiatives for Canadian business.


  • September 26 —
    1st advisory board conference call
  • October 7 —
    1st executive round table - Ottawa
  • October 24 —
    2nd advisory board conference call
  • November 11 —
    3rd advisory board conference call
  • November 22 - interim report
  • December 12 —
    4th advisory board conference call
  • January 16 —
    5th advisory board conference call
  • January 31 -
    Online survey closes
  • February 1 - 
    Research complete
  • February 13 - 
    6th advisory board conference call
  • February 24 - 
    7th advisory board conference call
  • March 1 - Final report
  • TBD - 2nd Executive Round Table - Toronto
  • TBD - additional round table reviews as requested by stakeholders


  • "To Compete you must compute"
    Susan Baldwin
  • "Research is a race"
    Jonathan Schaeffer
  • "HPC is the future"
    Jon Riley
      - see presentation

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