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IPCS2017 Overview with Co-Chair Deputy Chief Scott Tod & MC Norm Taylor

Advancing Canada’s National Cybercrime Strategy – Accenture Joins Cybercrime Council

Surviving Cybercrime: Valarie Findlay Relates Personal Experiences

Strong Partnerships Key to eCrime Cyber Council Success: DC Toronto Police (Ret.) Peter Sloly

CyberNB: Growing a World-Class Cybersecurity Industry Cluster

SERENE-RISC Smart Cybersecurity Network: Benoit Dupont joins ECC

Industry – Law Enforcement Collaboration Against Cybercrime

eCrime Cyber Council Priorities: Mainstreaming & Deterring with Norm Taylor

eCrime Cyber Council: Interview with Co-Chair Deputy Chief Scott Tod

Rehtaeh Parsons Society – IPCS2017 Charity Patron

Willis Cyber Security Academy

The Need for Police Leadership Paradigm Shift – Deputy Chief Shawna Coxon

BlackBerry Secure – enterprise wide solutions

Are you BlackBerry Secure?

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre – Fraud: Recognize it. Report it. Stop it.

Measuring Cybercrime in Canada

Rehtaeh Parsons Society – Educate, empower and support issues around sexualized violence, youth mental health and cyber abuse

Cybercrime or Cyberterrorism?  Dr. Maria Haberfeld

CACP – Cyber Crime Victimization in Canada: Incident Reporting & Data Capture

Bridging the Gap – eCrime Cyber Council

Ottawa Police Services – Modernization Roadmap & Cyber Security Considerations

National Cybercrime Law Enforcement Coordination – Concept of Operations

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International Policing Cybercrime Summit

November 6 – 8, 2017
Ottawa Conference and Event Centre
200 Coventry Road
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