CATAAlliance Innovation Leadership Council (ILC)

CATA’s Innovation Leadership Council (ILC) is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and rich expertise in Canada’s advanced technology community. The Council is one of the most powerful peer networks in Canada, offering direct opportunities for members to connect with partners, customers and investors. Read about our annual call for Nominations and Consultation Approaches.

The Council’s individual and collective leadership experience and knowledge support CATA’s mission of  Advancing Canada’s Competitive Innovation Nation.  Advisors often act as Champions of specific topics or Campaigns, such as, Supply Chain management, Procurement legislation, Advanced Security & Public Safety, Cyber Security, Talent and Education, SR&ED Tax Credits, Venture Capital and International Market development.

Annual call for Nominations and Consultation Approaches

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The Council is supported by a Management Team with a rich skill set in areas of social media, innovation research and public policy advocacy. Take a few minutes to review the profiles of CATA’s Team members, including our Executives in Residence, Executive Staff and Community Leaders.

Innovation Leadership Council Advisors

Suzanne Grant
Suzanne Grant,  is CATA CEO. Grant draws upon 30 years leadership experience, including a background in traversing emerging medical technology, international entrepreneurship, philanthropy leadership and Canadian military engineering.

Josh Blair
Josh Blair is Executive Vice President, TELUS Health and TELUS International and President Business Solutions West. Josh also serves as TELUS’ Chief Corporate Officer and is a CATA National Spokesperson. View a recent TechNOW interview with Mr. Blair as he talks about the important of social give back and community leadership.

Peter Aceto
Peter Aceto CEO of CannTrust, Former CEO of Tangerine Bank and a champion of the need for business leaders to embrace the power of social media personally, in order to help boost Canada’s economy. View Peter’s social media video. Peter serves as a CATA National Spokesperson advancing Weology as a perspective on social organizations of the future.

Micheál J. Kelly
Micheál Kelly is Dean, Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University. Dr. Kelly is an Innovation Nation thought leader with special interests in the area of new distributed R&D business structures and how they affect the success of Canadian high tech enterprises. Micheál is a CATA National Spokesperson for talent creation in Canada.

Charles Lim
Charles Lim is Vice President, Strategy and Business Development for IMAX Corporation. Charles is an advocate for Canada’s innovation agenda in order to keep us at the forefront of global innovation and competitiveness. View a recent TechNOW interview with Mr. Lim as he talks about seven areas of focus for improving Canada’s innovation rankings.

Chadi Elkadri
Chadi Elkadri is the Chief Innovation Officer at SOTI RIL, a leading IoT and Mobility Management player. Plans are in place to see SOTI take a leadership role in advancing key research and events addressing matters related to cybercrime and cybersecurity, enterprise mobility, and CATAAlliance’s Women In Technology (WIT) Network.

Peter Bowie
Peter Bowie is the former Chair, Deloitte Canada, independent Director, Magna International and recognized innovation leader with a passion for entrepreneurship. View a recent TechNOW interview with Mr. Bowie as he talks about the importance of growing Canadian start up enterprises.

Ian Rae
Ian Rae is Founder & CEO, CloudOps and also a Partner at Year One Labs. Ian serves as a CATA National Spokesperson on Innovation issues of the day and is passionate about the benefits of Cloud Computing Adoption.

Peter Schwartz
Peter Schwartz is the founder of Kognitiv Corporation. The company’s vision is inspired by Peter’s 20 years of diversified business experience, leadership and success with the build-out and growth of Descartes Systems Group Inc., a company he took public, overseeing $1 billion in transactions, with customers in +160 countries and with +1000 employees.

Mehrdad Hariri
Mehrdad Hariri is Founder & CEO, the Canadian Science Policy Centre with a wealth of public policy expertise and a passion for community engagement. View Hehradad’s TechNOW interview on adancing Canada’s innovation rankings.

Corey Ellis
Corey Ellis is President at Enactus at the University of Ottawa, with a focus on building a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.

Roberta J Fox
Roberta is an experienced tech executive and entrepreneur involved in multiple consulting and professional service firms including Chair & Chief Innovation Officer – FOX GROUP Technology and 911Technology Advisors.  She is one of Canada’s top IT communications technology consultants, thought-leaders, and industry speakers.  Roberta also provides strategic level analysis and guidance relative to  technology and regulatory trends in telecommunications, network, NG9-1-1 contact centre areas to government, enterprise and non-profit organizations.  She regularly appears on or contributes to BNN, CBC TV & Radio, CBS online, CTV, the Globe and Mail, as well as writes blogs for leading global publications.

A.E. (Ted) Dixon
Ted Dixon is the Founder and Director of Huron Digital Pathology, and Professor Emeritus at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Waterloo. He is the inventor and co-inventor of 13 U.S. Patents and a recognized thought leader on the Socio-economic impact of innovation investments.

Shannon Rogers
Shannon Rogers is President & General Counsel, and Warren Roy is CEO & Founder, Global Relay, an Award winning Canadian flagship enterprise with a global client base. View Shannon’s video acceptance of the Sara Kirke Award for Leadership. !

Scott Murray
Scott Murray is President & CEO, Clearpicture and a champion for developing technologies that can help create more engaged communities. View’s Scott’s TechNOW interview.!

Matt Pearson
Matt Pearson is EY’s National High Tech Leader, SR&ED and Business Incentives, and leads the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award program for Ottawa. Matt brings a unique business perspective for both large and start-up enterprises. !

Brenda Pastorek
Brenda Pastorek is President and CEO, Northforge Innovations, named one of Canada’s top SME employers in 2015. Brenda is a champion of improving Canada’s labour markets.!

Robert Park
Robert Park is President & Director of FINCAD which he co-founded in 1990. The B.C. based company has been recognized for its innovation and employee engagement leadership.!

Hans Downer
Hans Downer is President & CEO, SavvyDox. Hans is an advocate for new enterprise creation. View the TechNOW interview with Hans on advancing Canada’s innovation potential.!

Ahmed Shalabi
Ahmed Shalabi is a visionary thought leader with more than 30 years of government and business experience in successfully delivering engineering and policy solutions in domestic and international environments.

Timothy Ragan
Timothy Ragan, Consultant, is a roll up your sleeves business executive who brings 26 years of experience to advancing the CATA mission. One of Tim’s passions is Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS), Sustainablity and Stakeholder management.

J. Paul Haynes
J. Paul Haynes is CEO, eSentire and a champion for moving Canada to a Cyber Security leadership position. View J.P.’s video on steps to making that happen.

Peter Morand
Peter Morand, is former Dean, Science and Engineering, University of Ottawa, past President NSERC, and former CEO, Canadian Science and Technology Growth Fund. Peter serves as a CATA National Commentator. View Dr. Morand’s recent video on TechNOW.

Dave Wattling
Dave Wattling is Vice President TELUS Health, with a diverse market-facing portfolio covering Transformation Services, Business Development, Sales and Channel Management. Dave is an IT veteran and an accomplished entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience. In 2012 he was conferred with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for his leadership in mobilizing the healthcare ICT industry.

Jerry Tomberlin
Jerry Tomberlin is Dean of the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. Please, view Dr. Tomberlin’s video where he talks about three pillars of innovation success: creativity, connected and caring.

Mike Kedar
Mike Kedar is President & CEO, Mobilexchange Spectrum Inc.,and a recognized leader in Canadian Telecom with more than 40 years experience in creating competitive telecom services.

Richard Moore
Richard Moore, a lawyer with 25 year experience, is the President of MDR Associates Conflict Resolution Inc., a company that specializes in mediation training and practice, conflict management and conflict system design. Richard has taken leadership roles in the legal, ADR and not for profit communities. He is Co-Chair of CATA’s Conflict Resolution Initiative.

John Ruffolo
John Ruffolo is CEO of OMERS Ventures and also serves as Senior Vice President and Head of Knowledge Investing,OMERS Strategic Investments. John has over two decades of experience advising public and private companies around the world. He has extensive experience providing strategic advisory services to Canadian and foreign-based TMT companies.

John Cousens
John Cousens is the VP National Public Sector responsibility for with a focus on the adoption of advanced technologies to drive organizational transformation. John is CATA’s executive champion for Shared Services Canada (SSC) advocacy.

Tom Houston
Tom Houston is Managing Partner at Dentons Canada LLP where he provides strategic advice to emerging technology companies and venture capital/private equity funds in the development and financing of many of Canada’s leading technology companies.

Sandra Wear
Sandra Wear is CEO at inTouch Technology Inc., and National Spokesperson for CanWIT (Women in Tech). Sandra is also an Advisor on Growth, Strategy & Exit Planning. Her Entrepreneurial background includes starting and building a company to its $568M exit as well as taking disruptive technology from product concept to commercialization. Sandra brought Springboard Enterprises to Canada, that subsequently became CanWIT, a Division of CATAAlliance.

Eric Bergeron
Eric Bergeron is President and CEO, Optosecurity Inc. Eric founded Optosecurity in 2003, a leading edge start-up developing the world’s first product that enables detection of weapons and liquid explosives in luggage and cargo. Eric is a passionate entrepreneur.

Norm Betts
Eric Bergeron is President and CEO, Optosecurity Inc. Eric founded Optosecurity in 2003, a leading edge start-up developing the world’s first product that enables detection of weapons and liquid explosives in luggage and cargo. Eric is a passionate entrepreneur.

Robin Winsor
Robin Winsor is President and CEO, Cybera. He sees internet infrastructure as being as essential as roads and railways, and truly believes that the sovereignty of the nation comes through these connections.

Mike Andrade
Mike Andrade is former Senior Vice President, & General Manger, North America Celestica Inc. and now serves as a CATA National Commentator. Mike is passionate about bridging Canada’s Commercialization Gap. As an Innovation Nation Champion, Mike speaks to some of the reasons we are not tuning enough of our great ideas into great products, resulting in the creation of more global companies or Canadian flagships. Please view this video.

George Krausz
George Krausz is President & Country Manager of Motorola Soluitons Canada. Please view this video. As an Innovation Leader he talks about enabling police officers in the field, the growing international nature of advanced security, the interoperability dimension, and the reality of public safety & security as fundamental for Canadian citizens’ welfare and for successful commerce. George is helping lead the industry’s Broadband for Public Safety Campaign.

Denis Lajoe
Denis Lajoe, CPA, CA, builds on a 23 year career at EY, where he dealt first hand with dozens of entrepreneurial startups and large companies on innovation and growth strategies. Denis is passionate about advancing Canada’s global competitiveness and innovation rankings, and adds consideration expertise to CATA’s tax and finance advocacy.

Peter Andrew Hackett
Peter Andrew Hackett is an Executive Professor at the University of Alberta, Fellow for the National Institute of Technology and Special Advisor to the VP of Research at the University of Alberta.

Paul Johnston
Paul Johnston is former President & CEO, Precarn, Senior Associate, Hickling Arthurs Low and CATA National Commentator. View Peter’s TechNOW interview about Canadian innovation priorities.

Chris Pogue
Chris Pogue is Vice President, Mission Systems International at General Dynamics Canada (GDC) and a transformatiional business leader.

Sal Vivona
Sal Vivona is Director, R&D Taxation at Magna International with interests in establishing Canada as the top ranking Innovation Nation through creating positive investment conditions.

Peter Lindfield
Peter Lindfield is Chair & CEO at the Carliste Institute, a not-for-profit research centre and think tank dedicated to improving the lives of people throughout Atlantic Canada through democratizing knowledge, ideas and action. Peter is a prolific writer and innovation advocate, instrumental in expanding CATA’s presence in Atlantic Canada.

Greg Waite
Greg Waite is President and CEO, and Founder, Future Path Development Group Inc. He has been involved in many speaking and presentation engagements and has amassed a reputation for his pioneering in the social media space.

Gary Stairs
Gary Stairs is principal and founder of Red Hot Learning Inc (RHL) and Stellar Learning Strategies (SLS), companies that improve organizational and individual performance through the strategic use of interactive media, location-based technologies, and immersive learning environments.

Leonard Brody
Leonard Brody is President of Clarity Digital Group, and a highly respected entrepreneur , venture capitalist, and best-selling author.visionary. He has helped in raising millions of dollars for startup companies, been through one of the largest internet IPOs in history and has been involved in the building, financing and/or sale of five companies to date.

R.P. (Ray) Hoemsen
Ray Hoemsen M.Sc., P. Eng. is Director of Industry at University of Manitoba. Ray is an individual who has held numerous leadership positions in the public and private sectors, or as a volunteer in the community and his profession.

Hart Hillman
Hart Hillman is Founder and CEO, Bigwin Group. With more than 25 years experience in Technology, Consumer Electronics, Publishing/Media and Executive Search, Hart has held a number of presidential and senior sales and marketing roles in Fortune 500 companies. Hart Hillman’s most recent enterprise promises to change the way companies manage talent; in 2014 he founded Bigwin Group Inc.

John B. Kelly
John Kelly is a Partner with Enable Business Advisors. Throughout his career, Mr. Kelly has been an innovator and has held a number of senior executive positions in the Canadian technology sector.

Dr. Cindy Gordon
Dr. Cindy Gordon is CEO and Founder Helix Commerce International. Ms. Gordon is a frequently published author of numerous publications on the new economy, knowledge management and eCommerce. She is a Champion of CATA’s Women in Tech (WIT) Forum.

Jim Peter Safar
Jim Peter Safar is President & CEO, Inter-Op Canada and a CATAAlliance Innovation Awards winner. He brings an SME perspective to the development of tri-services technologies and the sharing of multimedia platforms.

Pierre Boucher
Pierre Boucher is Director, Research and Innovation, Ericsson Research Canada. He has contributed to the introduction of open systems technologies at Ericsson, attracting several new mandates for the Montreal team. Pierre is an active member of Canada’s innovation community and a valued contributor to CATA’s Innovation Nation advocacy.

William (Bill Hutchison)
Bill Hutchison is Chairman and CEO Hutchison Management International. Bill is Founder, Investor and Director of a number of leading Canadian innovation organizations. His new goal is to work with at least 30 Canadian communities, rural and local, to transform them into Intelligent Communities. ‘First the community, then the country’, is the motto of i-CANADA Campaign.

Peter Low
Peter Low is Chief Financial Officer of Halogen Software. Peter actively participates at the government policy level on behalf of the technology community through his work representing the interests of small business and startups. He is a valued advisor for CATA’s Innovation Nation advocacy.

Eli Fathi
Eli Fathi is CEO, Mindbridge A.i. He has been a technology entrepreneur for the past 25 years and very engaged in advancing community causes such a Corporate Social Responsibility.

Dennis Waite
Dennis Waite is a Chartered Accountant and Partner at Deloitte. Dennis’ areas of practice includes Research and Development (he is the R&D leader of the Ottawa office), corporate reorganizations, acquisitions, expatriate taxation and cross border taxation and planning.

Andrew Moffat
Andrew Moffat is CEO of Keshet Technologies Inc. Andrew is a true innovator and creative thinker who has embraced the changing dynamics of communications in a distinguised career of business creation and project management.

Paul C. LaBarge
Paul C. LaBarge is Founder & Partner, LaBarge Weinstein (PLLaw). Although his practice today is concentrated primarily in tax, corporate law and mergers and acquisitions, his varied experience has allowed him to provide broad based advice to start-up, medium and large corporations both in Canada and abroad.

Dave Walsh
Dave Walsh is BDO’s Lead,  Tax Services and  Technology & Life Science’s Practice (National Capital Region) and was recognized in 2010 for his community engagement and services with a Forty Under 40 Award. Dave is a CATA National Commentator.

Ken Bellows
Ken Bellows is General Manager of Alcatel-Lucent Canada and a strong advocate for the creation of an effective SR&ED tax incentive program in Canada.

 Management Team, Executives in Residence & Community Champions

Liza Medek
Liza Medek is CATA/CanWIT Executive in Residence, professional architect, licensed in Ontario and Quebec. She is currently a professor at Algonquin College.

Stéphane Gagnon
Stéphane Gagnon is CATA Executive in Residence, Cloud Computing and Ph.D. Professeur Département des sciences administratives Université du Québec en Outaouais.

Lisa Sanchez
Lisa Sanchez is Associate Director of Research and MPM, PMP, LEED AP Director, Advisory Services North America, MHPM PROJECT MANAGERS INC.

Sophia Leong
Sophia Leong is CATA Executive in Residence, Entrepreneurship in Technology and Director of the Telfer EMBA program.

David Perry
David Perry is CATA’s Chief Talent Officer with in talent attraction and retention.

Doug Lloyd
Doug Lloyd is CATA Executive in Residence with with special expertise in sustainability issues.

Steve Palmer
Steve Palmer, P.Eng is CATA Executive in Residence with expertise in public safety, advanced security & interoperability.

Mike Ede
Mike Ede is a CATA Executive in Residence with expertise in start-ups and international business development.

Jim Donnelly
Jim Donnelly is a leading data-driven content creator, communicator and marketer, serving as CATA’s Chief Media Officer (email: ) in pursuit of advancing Canada’s innovation and competitiveness rankings.

Dr. Tamas Michel Koplyay
Dr. Tamas Michel Koplyay is CATA Executive in Residence. As an alliance builder, Dr. Koplyay has championed cooperatvie relations between Universities and business and economic development organizations.

Dr. James Bowen
Dr. James Bowen is an Entrepreneur & Author. His most third and recent book “The Entrepeneurial Effect” is a collaborative effort drawing upon input from some of the leaders of Ottawa’s technology industry.

Dr. Russ Roberts
Dr. Russ Roberts, Director Innovation Policy and SR⩷, and a recongized thought leader in the area of innovation tax incentives ( such as the SR&ED program). His expertise in regulatory reform helps focus advocacy programs on obtaining regulation and tax measures from both a policy and a business perspective. Russ regularly issues Update Communiques.

Jean Guy Rens
Jean Guy Rens is an Executive VP in CATA (Quebec) specializing in public policy analysis and marketing assistance for the introduction of new products and services. He has authored numerous studies and reviews in fields of telecommunications, innovation and security.

Executive Staff:

Alice Debroy
Alice Debroy, Web Master & IT Manager, has led the adoption of CATA’s Mobility Office. and new technologies. Email:

Cathi Malette
Cathi Malette, Manager of Members Service & Sales Associate, leads our customer care and office coordination. Email: