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July 31, 2017
Cybersecurity Facts, Figures & Briefing Resources: Join CATA's Public Safety & Advanced Security Mission

July 30, 2017
2nd International Policing Cybercrime Summit

June 19, 2017
Public Safety and Advanced Security Insights with CATA's Katherine Thompson

June 12, 2017
Surviving Cybercrime: Noted Cyber Expert Relates Personal Experiences and Importance of eCrime Cyber Council's Work

June 5, 2017
Media Release: Building a National Strategy for Canada's Cyber Security Industry

June 2, 2017
Help Define the Path Forward for Canada's Public Safety Broadband Network: National Coalition Seeks Input for Advocacy at Workshop Event

May 28, 2017
Motorola Solutions Canada Award for Public Safety Technology: Calgary Police Service

May 16, 2017
WannaCry most dangerous to smaller companies, says Canadian cybersecurity firm Malware uses encryption to lock down computers, extort information: CATA Commentary

May 11, 2017
New project aims to give Canadian military veterans a second career in cyber security industry: IT World Canada

May 11, 2017
Leading Global Anti-Terrorism Experts Assemble in Toronto - Last Days to Register

April 28, 2017
New Cybersecurity reports: China & Export of Personal Information and Important Data

April 20, 2017
eCrime Cyber Council Members Agree: Partnerships are Key to Success: Engage with us today!

April 2, 2017
2017 International Urban Security and Resilience Conference, Workshop and Exhibition

April 2, 2017
Motorola Solutions Award for Public Safety Technology Now Open for Nominations: CATA's Innovation Gala

March 31, 2017
eCrime Cyber Council Members Discuss Priorities for Addressing Cybercrime in Canada: Contact to join the Mission!

March 30, 2017
The Importance of Preparing for Social Impact in Urban Security and Resiliency Planning: Expert Insights from International Association Executive

March 22, 2017
National Police Background Checks for Industry: Interview with law Enforcement Expert Driving Creation of a National Program

March 20, 2017
Three CATA Partnered Events - Three Video Podcasts with Noted Leaders in areas of Global Talent, Urban Security and Resilience

March 13, 2017
Police chiefs, CATA partner to fight cyber crime: Join the Mission!

March 10, 2017
Commissioner (Ret'd) Giuliano Zaccardelli Speaks to Importance of Urban Security and Resiliency: Register Today for CATA-Partnered Conference

March 9, 2017
Join CATAAlliance's First Ever National Videoconference Consultation - The Goal Is Validating Public Safety Apps Operational Standards Framework

March 7, 2017
National Police Background Checks for Industry: Research Survey Seeks to Forecast and Assess Industry Demand

March 2, 2017
eCrime Cyber Council Priorities: Mainstreaming & Deterring with Norm Taylor, President of the Global Network for Community Safety

February 28, 2017
Public Safety Marketplace Opportunities with Kevin Wennekes, CBO, CATAAlliance

February 27, 2017
Public Security and Advanced Security Marketplace Opportunities: Act NOW

February 27, 2017
New Joint Private Sector and Policing Council to Address Cybercrime in Canada

February 26, 2017
eCrime Cyber Council: Interview with Co-Chair Deputy Chief Scott Tod: Join the Mission!

February 1, 2017
CATA VP, Katherine Thompson, Talks Security on CBC Radio with host Jason Nosler: Glitch or hack?

January 28, 2017
Advancing Cyber Security in Canada

January 12, 2017
Motorola Solutions Award for Public Safety Technology Now Open for Nominations: CATA's Innovation Gala

October 28, 2016
Managing Video Piracy

October 5, 2016
A National First Responder Secretariat: Key Public Safety Leaders Speak On Their Support

September 20, 2016
Toronto Police Service Seeks Industry Engagement on Service Transformation: Video Interview with Task Force Executive Now Available

August 10, 2016
Major Industry Group Calls for the creation of a National First Responder Secretariat to advance Innovation, Health, and Safety for Canada’s First Responders and Citizens

July 20, 2016
Showcase your Existing and Emerging Security Products & Solutions and help set Operational Standards for Public Safety Broadband Network Apps

July 15, 2016
Join National Consultation on Establishing Operational Standards for Public Safety Broadband Network Apps – Showcase your Existing and Emerging Products

July 8, 2016
Federal Pre Budget Recommendations: Public Policy to Advance Shared Public Safety Priorities

May 12, 2016
Three Public Safety Experts - One Week of Incredible Insights: $45 Million Technology Roadmap - Wireless Public Alerting - Police ICT Strategies To Be Explored

May 6, 2016
CATAAlliance Executive Joins Ottawa Police Services IT Modernization Services Steering Committee - Roles include Determining Prime for Technology Roadmap Delivery and Facilitating Supplier Relationships

April 19, 2016
CATAAlliance Executive Joins National Police Chiefs Association Technology Committee Towards More Open Communications with Industry – Interview with Co-Chair

April 12, 2016
Public Safety Experts Address Cybersecurity and Anti-Fraud and Corruption

March 2, 2016
Peter Sloly to Help Lead CATAAlliance Cybercrime and Police Modernization Campaigns

February 18, 2016
Newest Public Safety Expert Speaker Video Webcasts Available: 2016 CACP ICT Workshop Details and CIRA DNS Service Featured

January 20, 2016
Ahmad, Hylton & Karn: It’s time to beef up our cyber defences (National Post): CATA Cybersecurity Survey

January 6, 2016
Special Video-On-Demand Channel for the Public Safety & Security Marketplace

December 16, 2015
Canada’s National Cybercrime Strategy: White Paper and Podcast

December 14, 2015
Exploring the state of cyber security in Canada – Have your say

December 2, 2015
Exploring the state of cyber security in Canada: Contact CATA VP, Katherine Thompson today

November 30, 2015
Canadian Law Enforcement Cybercrime Priorities and Needs – White Paper Now Available for Business Planning and Public Policy Evolution

November 24, 2015
Open letter to Canada's Public Safety and Security executives: Engage with Canada's Innovation Lobby Group today to advance mission

November 12, 2015
Axon Public Safety Canada – Newest Member Supporting CATA’s Public Safety Mandate

September 30, 2015
Canada’s National Cybercrime Strategy for Law Enforcement – Industry and Academic Consultation Opportunity

July 30, 2015
First Major Agenda Update – National Policing Cybercrime Summit

July 2, 2015
Register now to attend the National Policing Cybercrime Summit October 19-20, 2015, in Toronto

June 30, 2015
Global Cybercrime in Policing Study - Interview with CACP Program Director Norm Taylor reveals the Three Truths

June 18, 2015
Public Safety Broadband Test Bed Linking Responders to Innovation - Watch TechNOW Interview with Research Institute Lead

June 12, 2015
New Public Safety Advocacy Win & Test Bed for SMEs - Join Live TechNOW Interview with Research Institute Lead
Government of Canada Invests in Research on Advanced Communications Technology

June 4, 2015
TechNow with Dan Elliott, Manager, Communication Systems – Integrated Operations Control Centre, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

May 28, 2015
Cyber security council brings together Canadian leaders to drive dialogue and discussion around the issues and opportunities facing Canadian government, industry and citizens

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