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Paul Swinwood
Information and Communications Technology Council  


Paul D. Swinwood, President of the Information and Communications Technology Council (SHRC) since 1995, develops and manages SHRC projects, implements operational plans, as well as develops business partnerships with industry, educational institutions and governments.

Since his graduation from the Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology in 1966, Paul has been active in all aspects of the IT sector. His career covers roles as technician, systems developer, programmer, client manager, software development manager, operations manager for companies in the IT sector such as Univac, Digital Equipment of Canada Ltd., Sage Data and Autoskill International.

As President of Learning Tree Canada International Inc., Paul took on the challenge of developing a branch plant training operation into a profitable, world-leading supplier and exporter of educational courses and educational expertise. His broad experience in various technologies, sales, marketing, human resources and financial management has resulted in a breadth of skills applicable to running this internationally active not for profit, sector council.

He is a sought-after presenter and keynote speaker on human resource issues at conferences and seminars in Canada, USA, Africa and Europe. Paul brings to his presentations an understanding of both private sector and public sector needs, a broad knowledge of multiple business aspects and a unique ability to motivate individuals and organizations.

He demonstrates his commitment to lifelong learning by attending various training courses and conferences to maintain and expand on his industry knowledge, management skills, human resource management and technical expertise.


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