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Dr. James Bowen
Entrepreneur & Author

At age 21 and while still in undergraduate university James co-founded a software company. Over the next 20 years he had a wide variety of in-depth experiences in both management and technology working with his company.

Dr. Bowen has been interviewed on radio, T.V. and newspaper. He has published papers and given presentations or seminars on technology and business insights. He has previously published two books discussing the creation and growth of high-tech product companies. His most third and recent book “The Entrepeneurial Effect” is a collaborative effort drawing upon input from some of the leaders of Ottawa’s technology industry.

He also teaches university courses on technology, entrepreneurship and strategy.

He is active with local technology companies and investors and regularly provides advice to technology companies. He wrote, for three years, the monthly theme article discussing the technology industry and its management issues for Ottawa’s technology industry newspaper NationalCapitalScan. He is currently focused on start-ups/consortiums to bring together people, opportunities, investment, markets and technology to accelerate the growth of technology companies.

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