February 22, 2018

Social Media Platforms & the Democratic Process: An Op-Ed

Hillary Clinton @ Hillary Clinton

” We should all care about how social media platforms play a part in our democratic process. Because unless it is addressed it will happen again. The midterms are in eight months. We owe it to our democracy to get this right and fast.”

Every Now and then I think a tweak, such as the one above from Hillary Clinton, is worthy of a conversation. I now move to politics.

Anyone who can do what this government did for the last 9 months and still be popular in the polls, let alone still hold office fails the test of common sense and logic.

And anyone talking about hair or such other matters that cause gossip and thin chatter, even if you don’t believe that the lady gave birth to a real life Martian, and if you do well WHOA!!!!

I know; I have heard about how social media lets us all express our opinions.

But the facts are the facts.

If this is the way you want your world to work – stay silent.

We cannot have our interactions managed in machines that sell ads. And run by kids that think they are “changing the world”..  especially ones that keep writing manifestos – the last one was about how this was his New Years resolution to fix the problem.  Who cares if you think he knew what he was doing or not.  Those Harvard acceptance tests are a breeze and his board was way below average intelligence ?  The Ones that may or may have not known that they employed psychologists to target depressed kids with stuff that made them more depressed.  

How about “we have a dumpster fire and we can’t EVER put it out unless we shut down the only thing that we do.”

The tiger is out of the cage and the tiger cannot be our back in.

Get the hell off Facebook – or anything else that is “free”.  Especially if they started out saying they don’t sell your data.  Whatsapp, instagram, Snapchat even facebook all started that way and then trumpeted their brilliance when they turned ads on.

Tell the people you love how it works so they can stop saying “I only use it to share my cat photos.”

If it was me?  I would dream of a conference and invite the leader of all democratic nations. Purchase Facebook, Twitter and instagram and give them away for free.  

Buy them for market value before investors get hammered and the shorts win all the money from innocent investors.

Turn off ads and fire the management and boards and hire the very best citizens you can to run it.  It would cost less than 6 months of the US deficit this year to buy them all, and even if we kept the same number of employees, it would be less than 1 percent of the staff employed by the US government alone.

Oh, and I wonder what Hillary’s tweet would say if she won?  But that is a whole other story.

Our future depends on those who understand explaining to those who can’t or won’t admit it.

End rant.

Open for debate with Mark “Tin Foil Hat” Zuckerberg any time.

Bring Trudeau and Morneau too.  And Hillary.

What do you think?

Peter Schwartz, Founder & Executive Chairman at Kognitiv, member CATA Innovation Leadership Council and recognized innovation advocate, shares his thoughts in an Op-Ed on the Social Media Platforms & the Democratic Process.