December 12, 2018

Post-a-Job Talent Finder with CATAAlliance

Reach More than 3 million Candidates Using the CATAAlliance ‘Post-a-Job Talent Finder’

CATAAlliance, Canada’s Canada’s One Voice for Innovation lobby group offers a business service called “Post-a-Job Talent Finder.”  This service enables companies to post jobs to multiple social media sites, targeted email lists, RSS feeds in Canada and across the globe. Companies have the opportunity to reach more than 3 million executives through posting job openings on this service.

According to CATA CEO, John Reid, “we have embraced social media with a passion, and have developed major gateways in Canada and abroad, using resources such as Twitter, RSS feeds, Viadeo, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.  Executives are highly engaged with us in addressing the many dimensions of enterprise growth and we are recognized as a trusted source.”

How it is done…

Simply create a posting, including a small banner, linked to a detailed description of the position(s) you are seeking to fill. We then do the rest to ensure your posting is seen by thousands of job seekers. See:  Seeking Director North American Sales (Ottawa based): Framos Technologies & Seeking Mobile Engineer: eSight talent outreach with CATA Post-a-Job

And we do that by using both traditional and new media resources:

Our Actions:

  • distribution of postings through direct email to a qualified list of 16 thousand members in our proprietary database
  • embedding your job posting(s) in our opt-in social networks (e.g., Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Twitter) currently with 48 thousand opt-in member participants
  • embedding your job posting(s) in partner networks in all provinces across Canada, and if requested, key global markets where CATA has been given permission to post content reaching a viewership of more than three million executives
  • posting on the cata web page, linked to RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds
  • adding your posting to the CATA Job Board on our core linkedin site
  • inclusion of a banner ad in CATA’s Award winning Connections newsletter, News Connections (
  • personal outreach to members of the CATA Innovation Leadership Council and CATA’s CEO opt in outreach network on Linkedin, now with more than 26 thousand executives
  • an option of creating a mentorship/career video to be added to the CATA TECHNOW on Vimeo with full distribution to audiences

Your Actions:

  • prepare your job posting(s) and banner ad linked to your fulfillment landing page or corporate contact
  • monthly cost is CA$385.95

About CATAAlliance
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The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance), Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Groupand ‘political party’ for Canada’s tech industry, crowdsources ideas and guidance from thousands of opt in members in moderated social networks in Canada and key global markets. Supported by evidence-based research, CATAAlliance then mobilizes the community behind public policy recommendations designed to boost Canada’s innovation and competitiveness success.

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