March 19, 2018

A New Story on Fairness: Op-Ed (Cindy Gordon, CanWIT spokesperson)

A New Story on Fairness

According to “ fairness is easy to understand, it is impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination.”

As a Canadian entrepreneur, and CanWIT (Women in Tech), a division of CATAAlliance spokesperson, I wanted to share my perspectives on fairness.

Fairness is a cultural and social behavior in thought in action, which requires a depth of authenticity, ethics, openness, and transparency. Fairness must represent the richness of our Canadian heritage in valuing diversity, culture and also align to our country’s economic growth and innovation goals.  It must be measurable and have clear goals that validate diversity and ensures equity.

I represent a CATA VOICE for Women in STEM as a lobbyist for advancing “Fairness.”

In reviewing the most recent NA Statistics of the % of Venture Capital Funding going to Women was only 2.3% in 2017, and this is down from the year prior, it is time to say STOP, PLAN, DO & MEASURE. Let’s get this right! There is an increasing rise of discontent amongst many women and men on the inequity of this market reality. Yet year over year, the Federal Government does not change its policies in allocating out VC “fairness” funding to ensure that a “fair allocation goes to women founders and CEO’s”.

I also represent Women in AI as in the AI Market this is even more worrisome as 99 percent of the founders are men, and the early stage investors are primarily men.

Stanford University is already predicting the Design impact of an AI only singular view and impact in our evolution. To build a SuperCluster in AI in Canada, we need diversity of leaders to move us forward. The SHEO slogan of : “The winner take all attitude of venture capital is not the right direction for the future is SPOT ON.

In the current #TimesUp environment companies need to be persuaded they can’t afford not to have a diversity strategy. This is part of the UN Millennium Goals that Fortune 500 companies have signed on with the understanding that there must be a focus on systemic change. We certainly don’t need more government research studies to validate these issues in VC, Angel funding going to women or in STEM on the issues in attracting, developing or retaining.”

It is clear change organically with best intentions the change results are far too slow in Canada. Our statistics in North America and Canada are simply not heading in the right direction. It is going to take every leader in STEM to CHANGE the STATUS QUO.

Let’s’ get this right, and start a NEW STORY of FAIRNESS, so our children have a better world today not tomorrow. THE ROBOTS ARE REALLY COMING, so let’s ensure they are seeing the world from a “Fairness and diversity Sensor Layer, that is equally balanced.” AI has tremendous potential in Canada but will be catastrophic if there is not diversity at the table immediately. The “fairness” status quo is very broken in Canada and in NA, #TimesUp”

Dr. Cindy Gordon CEO, SalesChoice, An AI SaaS Company, Sara Kirke Award Winner (2017), StartUp Canada National and Regional Award Winner (2017), Aragon USA Research “Hot Company to Watch Award, (2018), Former Partner, Accenture, Senior Director & GM, Xerox, VP Citicorp, Co-Founder of the AI Directory with: CATA, IT World Canada, Former VC, and Founding Angel of the Toronto Maple Leaf Angels, Current Board Advisor to: Corent Technology, CoursePeer, Lyft, TouchTown TV,  and Author of 13 Books on Big Data, Innovation, Transformation, SaaS, and soon a New AI 14
th Book. Follow me on Twitter or contact at Linked In.

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