March 27, 2018

Cybercrime Advocacy Success and Cybersecurity Experts Featured in Latest Expert Speaker Video Podcasts

National Cybercrime Coordination Centre and International Urban Security and Resilience Celebrated

Three recent CATAAlliance TechNOW video podcasts are now available featuring noted law enforcement and industry experts promoting key advocacy and community engagement successes.

Chief Superintendent Jeff Adam, Royal Canadian Mounted Police: National Cybercrime Coordination Centre

Watch as Chief Superintendent Jeff Adam, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, details two critical features of the 2018 Federal Budget supporting the advancement of key cybercrime initiatives in Canada.

As identified in the budget, in order to bolster Canada’s ability to fight cybercrime, the Government proposes to provide $116.0 million over five years, and $23.2 million per year ongoing, to the RCMP to support the creation of the National Cybercrime Coordination Unit. The National Cybercrime Coordination Unit will create a coordination hub for cybercrime investigations in Canada and will work with international partners on cybercrime. The Unit will also establish a national public reporting mechanism for Canadian citizens and businesses to report cybercrime incidents to law enforcement.

C/Supt Adam provides a brief overview of these and encourages continued engagement through the eCrime Cyber Council (ECC) for future updates, consultation opportunities and outreach activities.

Learn more about the ECC here:

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2nd International Urban Security and Resilience Conference and Workshop
Urban Transportation and Soft Targets: Stephen Covey, Chief of Police, CN

Watch as Stephen Covey, Chief of Police and Chief Security Officer for CN, provides insights into the roles and responsibilities of CN law enforcement officers while also promoting his participation on the Urban Transportation and Soft Targets Panel taking during the 2nd International Urban Security and Resilience Conference and Workshop.

Chief Covey explains the nature of terrorism has changed from the days of major events such as airplane hi-jackings and high-profile site bombings to softer, less defensible targets focusing on special events involving large crowds. This panel will provide the insights of public safety leaders detailing how intelligence gathering and analyses are critical to helping prevent such attacks, and the methodologies used today in protecting critical public infrastructure and soft targets from terrorist intent.

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Innovation in Cyber Security: Alex Manea, CSO, BlackBerry

Watch as Alex Manea, Chief Security Officer for BlackBerry discusses innovation, IoT and the need for Security By Design with Katherine Thompson, Chair, CATAAlliance Cyber Council & National Spokesperson.

Mr. Manea will be expanding on these concepts in his keynote presentation at the 2nd International Urban Security and Resilience Conference and Workshop.

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2nd International Urban Security and Resilience Conference and Workshop

Taking place in Toronto, May 8-10th, this year’s Conference will address the growing and global issues of security and resilience which are facing those in government, industry and public safety.

For more information on the Conference and to register, visit:

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