February 5, 2018

CATA Op-Ed Guidelines: Advance Your Leadership Profile & Marketplace Visibility to Customers, Partners & Media

If you are submitting an Op-Ed article for consideration, please note CATA’s Op-Ed Guidelines: We are happy to consider articles around 650 to 800 words, also a requirement for us advancing to major news outlets (e.g., Globe & Mail, New York Times) for publication. Please include your full name, contact details and daytime telephone number.

Comment articles should be argumentative, topical and include your credentials for writing in the byline. Submissions that anticipate or forecast new developments are of particular interest.

CATA Op-Eds are distributed online to top business and subject area portals in Canada and key global markets (e.g., Europe, South America, Scandinavia, India etc., ) and via CATA’s proprietary databases to key influencers. Outreach is more than one million viewers.

Your Op-Ed will include a video profile for separate broadcast on social channels as an integral part of advancing leadership profile and marketplace visibility to customers, partners and media.

If we decide to publish your article on our Canadian and global networks, we will contact you within a week and also arrange a video interview.

Contact: CATAAlliance CEO, John Reid at email jreid@cata.ca, tel: 613-699-8209.

 Example of a CATA Op-Ed: Eli Fathi, CEO, Mindbridge Analytics Inc.

Canada’s Innovation Future is Tied to the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Technology: Op-Ed from the Desk of the CEOs of CATA & Mindbridge Analytics Inc.


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Contact: CATAAlliance CEO, John Reid at email jreid@cata.ca, tel: 613-699-8209, website: www.cata.ca, tags: Innovation. Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy