June 21, 2018

10 Ways to Advance Agendas with CATAAlliance

Alliance Services

We take you to sample templates, real life examples of how to work with us to build value. Please contact CATA if you require implementation details.

  1. Advocate for Change
    Conduct an Advocacy Campaign to Resolve an Issue.
  2. Join a Group
    Be part of a moderated opt in Social Group to meet peers and exchange ideas.
  3. Post-a-Job Talent Finder
    Get your job opportunity in front of top candidates.
  4. Find Customers, Partners & Investors
    Qualify leads for follow-up and closure.
  5. Share What You Know
    Create marketplace audience for your slideshows, video commentaries, presentations, research documents, and infographics.
  6. Advertise an Event
    Add more sign ups for your event as part of developing audience.
  7. Create a Product/Service Video
    Integrate a video with your Outreach to build profile and brand.
  8. Take Part in a CATA video series and advance your brand
    CATA’s Public Safety and Security Channel is a model.
  9. Gain Profile through the CATA Innovation Awards Program
    Submit nomination for recognition of what you firm does. 
  10. Find an Expert or Mentor to Help Answer Your Questions
    mailto: info@cata.ca and we will connect you to the expert.