September 15, 2018

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Canada Opt-In Group Now Open to Join

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Canada

Dear Community members,

As an adjunct to AI initiatives being jointly developed by IT World Canada, CATAAlliance and SalesChoice, we are now providing the community with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Canada Group on Linkedin. If you have any interests in AI, then please join this new Group at this URL:

About AI (Artificial Intelligence) Canada 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Canada is a collaborative Forum, created and managed by IT World Canada, CATAAlliance and SalesChoice, where executives access research, share information, provide advocacy guidance and meet peers committed to advancing Canada’s AI leadership. Part of our shared community approach and mission is to cultivate every advantage and eliminate every barrier to Canada’s AI competitiveness, and to facilitate AI adoption across all business and public sectors.

AI Group rules

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Canada is fully moderated and part of a multi faceted AI products and services leadership and branding program developed by IT World Canada, CATAAlliance & SalesChoice. Please review the Benefits of this Program and then for more information contact us at:

AI Program Participation Benefits

  • Identify and Connect with leading AI community stakeholders ( e.g., businesses, influencers, researchers, resources & investors)
  • Develop AI brand awareness, with rich AI Media News, Video Channels, and Content to Learn and Grow
  • Profile expertise, with relevant information to attract customers, partners, and new talent
  • Promote community leadership to ensure all leading global AI community ecosystems are registered for a highly visible collaborative footprint
  • Enable visibility of AI stakeholder services and solutions to find and profile your unique value proposition
  • Source companies for partnership opportunities
  • Conduct Research on community interests and produce sustainable research products of value to the global AI ecosystem
  • Create Community events of value to both regional and global interests

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