April 10, 2018

AI Super Cluster Risks: CATA Op-Ed

What do you see as the risks of Canada becoming an AI Super Cluster?

The #1 challenge is: Boardroom and CEO and C-Suite have major Knowledge Gaps in defining AI, ML and knowing which use cases are best for AI and which are not. Without this foundational knowledge, how can they manage RISK, AI is as important as Profit and Loss (P&L) and C levels must lead and make informed decisions. 

This is no longer a Competency for just CIOs or Technology Leaders – it is a competency for every employee – the NEW WATER – the NEW AIR and it’s growing rapidly like FIRE.

I see the #2 challenge is developing a ROBUST AI STRATEGY for controlled Growth and Evolution, and sustaining growth and innovation – leveraging thoughtful change management practices

… AI will take a lot of courage to become a super –cluster in Canada.

Let’s face it Canada is not known for its innovation strength and our World Economic Forum Rankings are not heading in the right direction. Our government debt is inexcusable and tighter fiscal leadership is needed. We must get to the global rankings of being a leader – plan, measurement and accountability is key to becoming a AI Super Cluster.

I am a proud Canadian – but to maintain a super cluster status :  we must have a clearly defined plan to rally all of our national strength and a new rallying cry.

I just finished reading China’s AI plan to dominate and there is no question they have a unified strategic country wide planning framework in place. Partnership with AI global leaders is going to be key.

Our AI Directory at www.aidirectory developed by CATA, IT World Canada and SalesChoice is our vision to start enabling the ecosystem to learn together.

Every leader needs to experiment in using AI at home and in their offices immediately .. this C – change is more significant than the invention of electricity and will spread 1000x faster.


Dr. Cindy Gordon CEO, SalesChoice, An AI SaaS Company, Sara Kirke Award Winner (2017), StartUp Canada National and Regional Award Winner (2017), Aragon USA Research “Hot Company to Watch Award, (2018), Former Partner, Accenture, Senior Director & GM, Xerox, VP Citicorp, Co-Founder of the AI Directory with: CATAAlliance, IT World Canada, Former VC, and Founding Angel of the Toronto Maple Leaf Angels, Current Board Advisor to: Corent Technology, CoursePeer, Lyft, TouchTown TV,  and Author of 13 Books on Big Data, Innovation, Transformation, SaaS, and soon a New AI 14
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