May 10, 2017

Industry Group Will Turn Delegates into CNN-like live reporters with LiveStream at CATA’s 32st Annual Innovation Leadership Gala

streamingLiveStreaming CATA’s 32nd Annual Innovation Gala

“Anyone, anywhere, anytime, embracing the latest mobility technologies to leverage resources, crowd networks and strategies to move Canada to 1st place or an A grade in innovation and competitiveness”  (CATA’s Business Model)

Ottawa, ON — CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group today issued a call to action to sponsors, award winners and delegates attending the 32nd  Annual CATA Innovation Leadership Gala on Wednesday May 17th at Carleton University in Ottawa to use Periscope, Facebook Live & YouTube LiveStream to broadcast the Gala in real time to their Followers.

John Reid, said, “ Today’s technology now allows you to “go live” via your smartphone from any location, at any time of the day or night, essentially giving all Gala delegates a broadcasting system in their pockets and purses. We get to explore the world through the eyes of somebody else.”

He, added, “ When our Master of Ceremonies for the Awards, Paul Brent, sets the stage for the Gala, I will press the Record Button on CATA’s LiveStream and begin to broadcast in real time to 50 thousand CATA Followers across Canada and to the world at large who tune in using the URLs provided.

In addition, CATA will be conducting one minute on site interviews with winners, sponsors and select delegates about the one change that they would like to see in Canada to improve the nation’s innovation and competitive rankings. The videos will be posted on CATA’s Vimeo channel reaching out to our network of one million viewers in Canada and across the Globe.

Reid, concluded “ In some respects, the Gala is a social network for drawing on the guidance and ideas of attendees where through video capture we help advance CATA’s competitive innovation nation advocacy platform.”

We invite the delegates at the awards event to broadcast their chosen parts of the Gala program and to encourage their followers to view the CATA live feed of the evening.

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