October 14, 2017

Legislative briefs for advancing CATA’s competitive innovation nation advocacy on, “ What Has Happened to SR&ED in the last Decade? ”

One Page Legislative Briefs to Support CATA Tax & Finance Advocacy

Dear Community members,

We have been requested by federal officials ( i.e., Finance Canada & Innovation, Science and Economic Development Ministry)  to create one page legislative briefs to help guide policy responses to recent CATA Tax & Finance advocacy ( see background: http://cata.ca/2017/innovation-funds-cutting/ )

  • the first one pager outlines what information we see needs to be available publically for an effective, credible and transparent review of SR&ED.
  • the second one pager contains suggestions/ideas of CATA on how a more effective tax system that better supports business innovation and economic development could be achieved.  In fact, we see that these suggestions and ideas could form a starting point for productive discussions/consultations on improvements to the tax based innovation support system.

Please note the first point in the first one-pager relates to who is responsible for what and what is the process.  This is a question we are hearing from CATA’s social groups and advisors.  Lack of clarity leaves many very uncomfortable as it can be interpreted as simply confusion in the ministries – or as passing the buck.

lease download and review the one page legislative briefs at https://tinyurl.com/ydyoo9k4 , and then circulate to your peer networks, and also reach out to CATA CEO John Reid at jreid@cata.ca to join CATA’s community advocacy mission.

Also note that we have provided a 2 Question Survey for community members to offer guidance to the CATA advocacy team. Please go to: 

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